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Extreme Leaning Optical Illusion

Extreme Leaning Optical Illusion from the lens of Steve Chabot. These kind of Snapshot Illusions can be pretty tricky to solve.  My initial theory was that the picture was just taken an an angle, but if you look at the vegetation it appears to be growing straight up as the shot was taken.  If the hill was slanted then the trees and plants would be leaning in the same direction as him. So what do you think, just  a slanted camera or is there more to this snapshot Illusion?

Some very Extreme Leaning!

Torre Mare Nostrum Extreme Architecture

Torre Mare Nostrum Extreme Architecture is an architectural masterpiece. Its almost an illusion looking at this building.  Standing 282 ft tall with 20 floors and an very odd yet cool 40m span extruding out the side of the 5th floor. this building was finished in 2005. Torre Mare Nostrum is the home of Gas Natural and was designed by Enric Miralles as its last architectural masterpiece before he passed away. These Magnificent photos were taken by Santiago Muñoz.

Torre Mare Nostrum Extreme Architecture
Torre Mare Nostrum Extreme Architecture 2

Torre Mare Nostrum Extreme Architecture 3

Extremely Steep Parking

Now this is Extremely Steep parking if I have ever seen it. Think about how that thing would be in the winter accidents everywhere.. You have to wonder if the architects were just having a little fun, or were creating a work of art… on the other hand maybe its just an optical illusion 🙂 after all that is what this site is about! Any guess on how this was done? I’m not going to give it away to easily so let me know what you think. Also be sure to check out the Cafe Wall Illusion and the Leaning tower optical illusion.

This is an extremely steep parking lot! it would be deadly in the winter.

Extreme Lego Creations

As a kid we all played with lego, heck I know i still have a huge box of it some where. Below are the Top 10 Extreme Lego Creations I have ever seen, these amazing artworks were created by Natahn Sawaya. Who knew you could create something so big out of the tiny little lego blocks! (i guess my stash just didn’t have enough pieces!) This story was recently covered on CNN, here is the pictures to truly show off this creative Lego building skills.
This lego man is opening him self up as his inner lego spills out.

Even the United States Marines would be proud of this lego creation, even the flag is made from Lego
Just like a advanced robot this lego guy is constructing his self!


Extreme Billboards

These Extreme Billboards are very creative forms of catching your eye and making your remember the add. The first Extreme Billboard. The First Razor Billboard is a cool one. Im not sure what company it is but its defiantly a disposable razor one! Its cute one.
The Second Billboard is Giant Adidas Billboard of a Soccer player spanning across a highway; by far one of the largest i have ever seen. The third is the Bubble Gum Billboard.. kinda of creative. The forth is a Cingular dropped calls billboard hehe its a very cool one! would defiantly attract your attention.

Be sure to check out some of the other Billboard illusions… and don’t forget to submit any new ones you find!

Razor Billboard Optical Illusion

Adidas Extreme Billboard

Bubble Gum Billboard

Cingular Dropped Calls Billboard

Flaming Streets of chalk

Well i know 3D Chalk Drawings are one of my all time favorites when it comes to optical illusions. These new 3d flaming streets chalk art  is a new twist  on the 3d street waterfall.  It really would be a challenge to draw these perspective drawings, looking from it from any side angles would give you the impression of some warped skewed blurb of chalk. Im not sure who to give credit to for this masterpiece but its defiantly one of the more extreme creations. If anyone knows who created this masterpiece then let me know.. if not well then I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Top 10 Lego Creations

Lego has been a favorite pass time of children for years, how ever some people can take lego very seriously. We have brought you everything from the Lego Olympics to Escher waterfalls in lego. During a trip to Europe with some friends we came across a place called Lego Land which had some of the wildest large scale lego creations I haver seen.  Legoland had gigantic sculptures created soley out of lego, moving ships (on under water tracks) even lego trains and planes you could take a ride one.  Below is a collection of some of the most extreme lego land has to offer!

With an entrance like this.. how could you not be excited 😛

Entrance to Lego land in Germany

The Great Lego hall

Extremely large Lego airport

Lego BBQ - perfect snack after a long day of Lego building!

Giant Lego T-Rex Dinosaur

Lego Einstein

City of Lego

A cute family entirely out of lego

Luxury yacht

Allianz Arena

Inside the stadium composed of the tiny blocks

Architectural Optical Illusion

Architectural Optical Illusion is a pretty strange picture. This building is actually the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. The first question you have to ask your self was this planned? The curve in the tree is identical the the strange curvature of the building. I believe its an Olympic center some where.. This Extreme Architecture is pretty cool, and I would love to see more of it 🙂 Was this planned? or just a strange coincidence?

Very Curved Building

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