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Living Painting Illusion


Recently i have been trying to learn to airbrush and have become intreated with how realistic a painting can be. Have you ever seen a painting so life like you though it was real? The young girl in this photo painted an image so real it appears to come to life and touch her. Is this a fairly tail love story.. or just a little trickery?  That is for you to decide! Just for another spin on the 3d/coming to life check out this 3d paper art that seems to jump off the page at you.



Painted Building Mural Illusion

Need a new way to brighten up the neighborhood? Just around the side of this building is a bright and color full mural of the building its its neighbors.  Such murals are a good way to brighten up dark  alleys or make over an old graffiti wall.  Another cool similar idea is of a building in Paris that was fitted with warped molding and painted as if it was a melting building.  And of course theirs always the Quebec city mural.


 Painted Building Mural Illusion

3D Gorilla and 3D Lady Murals

These two Murals of the 3D Gorilla and the 3D Lady were taken at a carnival in Japan.  The first is of a gorilla or even King Kong with his mouth wide open about to eat that poor guy!  If you look and then angles it will give you a hint how this one was made. The  second is of the lady laying down with her leg coming out of the picture, hes grabbing on to her leg and checkering her out by the looks of it.. lol, any guess how that one was done? its not to tricky but I will let you guys figure that one out. 🙂

3D Mural of King Kong the Gorilla taken at a theme park in Japan

Japanese lady is showing off her self as she holds her leg out of the painting for this lovely young man

Packing Tape Art

This spectacular Packing Tape Art was created by a very creative artist by the name of mark khaisman form Philadelphia. Mark created these masterpiece was created with layer upon layer of packing tape. The packing tape art is created on large squares of Plexiglases then illuminated on top of light box to give this art depth and show its true beauty. Displayed along one of the main street it will defiantly draw your attention.

Packing tape art along Philadelphia streets

Two girls taking a self portrait - packing tape art

Three sassy girls made from packing tape

Blank Faces packing tape art

Street lined with illuminated packing tape art

Nurses in a hallway made of translucent packing tape

In The Grave Optical Illusion

In The Grave Optical Illusion is a mural with a bit of a sick sense of humor to it. You appear to be in a grave looking up at the people morning above you. Im not sure who the painter is but it is located in a company’s office in england. The two guys smoking looking up ads a nice touch! It a bit twisted but never the less a cool illusion! Quite real painting as well i might add! Be sure to check out some of the other murals as well.

in the grave mural optical illusion

Creative Street Art

Most of the spray painting you see on the street is over done tags. This collection is some of the more Creative Street art we have seen in a while. A little more pleasing the some random blobs of spray paint, or some word that you prob can no read. This is more of street murals or illusions, some are totally ironic and others just plain creative.

Be sure to check out some of the other street art and Murals. and as always keep submitting your illusions!

Rats on anti Climb paint street art

Police pat down little girl street art

Police Kissing Street Art

Painter Painting Street art

Mouse Hole Street Art

Little Girl balloon there is always hope

Grim Reaper in boat street art

Couch Window Painting

Cat and Flying Mouse Street Art

3D Mural wall art optical illusion

This 3D murals were done by an unknown artist, if anyone knows who it is be sure to let me know. They are very realistic and would fool anyone from a distance. Perspective paintings is hard to master but as you can see once you have got it down you can do amazing things.

Be sure to submit any other 3D Murals or illusions you may have.
Keep them coming!

3d Mural

3D wall painting

Never ending Bridge Optical Illusion

The Never ending Bridge Optical Illusion is mural painted at the end of a bridge, it gives the illusion that the bridge goes on for ever, its very deceiving an even tricked the person who took the photos originally!

These type of murals are based on perspective and placed in areas then when looked at from the right direction give some incredible illusions. Perceptions illusions are some of my favorite and can change in an instance depending the angle you are viewing them in.

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Bridge Optical Illusion

Bridge Optical Illusion

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