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Flaming Streets of chalk

Well i know 3D Chalk Drawings are one of my all time favorites when it comes to optical illusions. These new 3d flaming streets chalk art  is a new twist  on the 3d street waterfall.  It really would be a challenge to draw these perspective drawings, looking from it from any side angles would give you the impression of some warped skewed blurb of chalk. Im not sure who to give credit to for this masterpiece but its defiantly one of the more extreme creations. If anyone knows who created this masterpiece then let me know.. if not well then I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Julian beavers new Chalk Drawings

Julian beavers is  a famous 3d Street chalk artist. His work is known around the world and has been featured many times on this site in Julian Beavers Latest Chalk Drawings, or a video on beaver in action. Below are some of the newer drawings from Julian Beaver. The first one is a 3D Band that appears to pop right out at you. I like how his drawings always depict an alternate city below, it adds to the illusion!

3D Chalk Band

Julian Beaver Chalk Drawing

Beaver’s Fountain of youth

The City below 3d street drawing

3d Christmas Santa by Julian Beaver

25 Incrediable 3D Chalk Street Art

3D Chalk street art has always been one of my favorite types of Optical Illusions.  This collection is of 25 Incredible 3d Chalk drawings from all around the world! They include works of very artists such as Julian Beever and Tracy Stum and various other artists.  If you have ever wondered how they created these amazing pieces of art, check out a video by julain beaver drawing the fountian of youth. All of these street arts are new to me, its exciting to find new chalk artists! So which one is your favorite?

3D Camel Chalk Drawing

Fishing in Shanghai

Sky Tv Ad in Waterloo Station

3D Beer by Julian Beever

3D Chocolate at the ElementMonkey Pit by Julian Beever

Paper Cranes by Tracy Stum

Beowulf in 3d at the Comicon

Nike Basketball ad in Shanghai

Chess with the Dali Lama by Tracy Stum

DHL postal ad in Brimingham

Escape of the Mummy!

Eurostar chalk art in Belgium
Party Poker Monster Advertisement in Bergo

Imaginit Ad in Las Vegas

Titania Encantado Burgos
Hell in London

Indian Fantasy - Tracy Stum

Iskadar 3D Pavement drawing in Singapore

Jaguar Temple - Tracy Stum

Medici Garden by Tracy Stum

Napoleon Escapes street art

Paris 3D by Beever

Phaeton 3D street art in Salamanca

Poseidon Trevi Dountain Street art

3D Street chalk Drawings

3D Street chalk Drawings are some amazing new creations by a Julian Beaver style artist, Eduardor Relero. The set below is new to even myself who is in love with these kind of 3D Chalk Optical Illusions.  These amazing chalk drawings span the streets of Spain attracting locals and tourists alike while sending messages about things such as poverty. The creepy baby head has to be one of my favorites for some reason, it kind of reminds me of something out of a horror movie.  The man starting down at the carving of himself in the pit is also very well done. What do you guys thing of these new masterpieces? Whats your favorite?

3D Chalk Skull pit - just shows the kind of death we stare into as we watch our prime time tv.

Chalk Baby head being fed a skinny dyeing human by his little old mother.

3D chalk bust being admired by the modeled man.

Close up of the 3D Chalk Face in the cliff

Chalk people sitting on a plank of above the watery pit below

Tightrope over the chalk theater

3D Chalk Money Vault

3D Chalk Money Vault is a chalk art masterpiece created by Kurt Wenner.  Waterloo Station in London has become the canvas for some amazing creative advertisements and chalk drawings.  3D Chalk drawings have always been one of my favorite types of optical illusions. From one angel its a distorted image but viewd correctly its a 3d masterpiece.  That little girl below has the right idea, I would be after that safe full of millions of  dollars in bills to 🙂

Little girl trying to rob the bank!

Robing the piggy bank - 3d chalk art

Kurt Wenner 3d Chalk vault

3D Money for me and you

Optical Illusion Speed Bumps

Optical Illusion Speed Bumps are a new innovative idea aimed at slowing down drivers on the road. From a distance these perspective triangles look like small pyramids on the road.  These “speed bumps” are currently being tested and deployed in business and residential areas in Philadelphia.  As most of you might expect the novelty would wear off and after a few month drives would become accustom to this illusion and resume higher speeds; in an effort to combat them real police officer are randomly monitoring them ensuring motorist are obeying the slower posted sped limits.  What do you think about this idea? at the price of about 70$ its alot more affordable then an 800$ speed bump.. would they slow you down? I mean hey, I would probally slow down just to check out the funky street art 🙂

Optical Illusion Speed bumps set out to slow down motorists

3D Two Dimensional Fly Optical Illusion

3D Two Dimensional Fly Optical Illusion is one strange image. The fly it self is 2d like an old school comic, but on the other hand its 3d in respect to the fact that is come out at you over many objects and angles. The first Giant Fly was created back in 1982 in the Bronx in New York. The second fly was also done in 82 in San Fransisco, i’m assuming it the same artists either that or a dedicated copy cat! Well enjoy your three dimensional 2D flash back from the 80’s style optical illusions.

3D Giant Fly in a swimming pool, watch out kiddies!

Giant Desk Fly, get out the office fly swatter.. or maybe rethink that pink on the walls…

Worlds Largest 3D Street Painting

The Worlds Largest 3D Street Painting spans over 280 square meters giving it the title for largest 3D street paintings. It was created for the Moose Jaw Prairie Arts Festival by Edgar Muller along with his team of artists.  This giant 3D waterfall creates a amazing effect when view from straight on. It kind of reminds me of Beavers 3D Rafting painting.   For more amazing artworks like these check out our collection of 3D Chalk Drawings.









Julian Beavers Latest 3D Street Drawings

Julian Beavers has done it again with his spectacular 3D Street Drawing.  The three below are some of the latest to his ongoing collections of 3D Chalk Drawings,  Julian is by far one of the best I have seen in respect to chalk drawings. The first 3d chalk drawing is of an American eagle for independence day on July 4th.  The second is of a lovely little table set with fruit. The third is of a mid evil prison pit, the poor soles are trying to escape! Also be sure to check out some of Julian Beavers other work.

Julian Beaver’s Independence day Eagle

Beavers 3d Chalk fruit table

Julian Beavers Prisoner Pit

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