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Amazing works of art using the human body as a canvas!


Nude Window Camouflage

When you just feel like laying around nude, theres more than one way to hide it. This Body Paint Optical illusions is a great exable of how this nude woman can camouflage her self into this window with just a little body paint. Then again you could alwyas put on some painted clothing or a painted bikini. Also be sure to check out some of the painted hands, they create some amazing depictions of some cute little animals.

Body Paint

Body paint can be a pretty cool thing, when you were a kid im sure you got your face painted. But have you ever had your full body painted? You might not even need to bother with clothes anymore, with some of the body art below you almost wouldn’t even know they were naked! You may also like the Body paint Bikinis and Lingerie or some of the other body paint clothing.  The rolling stones body paint below is pretty cool, i love the wet wrinkeled shirt look. Another favorite is the astrological body paint, check out your sign! If you ever decide to strip down and get a new paint job be sure to send it in :)

Rolling Stones Body Paint

France China Soccer Body Paint

Music Cowgirl body paint

Soccer Body Paint

World Cup Soccer Body Paint

World Cup Soccer Body Paint 2

Painted Cigarette

The Painted Cigarette is a pretty cool self portrait style illusions I found on flickrHawhawjames has some pretty crazy self portraits, everything from zebras to gremlin type creatures, so if i have a chance check it out.  The Painted Cigarette below caught my eye cause it looks fairly real and fool most people without closer inspection.  Just think how much fun you could have walking through malls and restaurants with this face paint job.. especially  the non smoking ones :)

painted cigarette

Invisible Man Body Paint

Invisible Man Body Paint is an amazing body paint optical illusion created by Liu Bolin from Beijing. Liu art features a style of urban camouflage which is based around blending into modern environments. The pictures below look more like an invisability cloak then body paint! DBolin did an amazing job.  Also check out some of these other Painted Camouflage optical illusions.

Invisible Man Body Paint

Translucent Body paint

Camo Body paint

Extreme 3D Nude Woman Paint Job

Extreme 3D Nude Woman Paint Job is one amazing airbrushed paint job. Looking at this Image I could swear that it was 3D and extruding out of the hood. As far as i know it is “actually” just a 3d painting, or is it? What do you guys think, did some crazy guy mold a nude girl into his hood or was it just a painted by an amazing Julian beaver type artist.

Airbrushed 3D Naked Woman Paint Job

Body Paint Optical Illusions

Body Paint Optical Illusions can be pretty cool. Like some of the body paint clothing and the astrological body paint I have always loved this type of art. The ones below are kind of strange but and a little different. The first is a Superman Body paint with a bit missing on the back end. The second is kind of an Adam and Eve kind of look. The third… well those puppies are kind of self explanatory. Forth is of a giant violin painted to the contours of her body. Last but not least is a face painted on the girls breath and the mouth and nose on her stomach, this one kind of looks photoshopped to me so not 100% if its body paint (according to the person who submitted it it is but ill let you guys decide) Its pretty trippy picture.

Superman body paint

Eve body paint

Painted Puppies!

Violin Body Paint

Face on breast and belly - very strange picture

Brain Tattoo Optical Illusion

Brain Tattoo Optical Illusion is one strange tattoo, its more on the creepy side then the illusion side but still a neat effect. I have seen lots of strange tattoos including the Muscle Tattoo along with some of these other strange tattoo optical illusions. This Frankenstein style tattoo is a neat illusion in the fact that it appears to have the skin pealed open like a can revealing some lovely human brain in side, zombies would be all over this guy!

Brain Tattoo Optical Illusion

Muscle Tattoo Illusion

Muscle Tattoo Illusion creates a creepy effect as the muscles budge out of the riped skin.  I cant say i would ever do something like that but its defiantly pretty neat.. and a bit strange to see!  all he would need is a bit of fake blood and you would have an excellent Halloween costume! Be sure to check out some other Tattoo Optical Illusions.

Muscles ripping out form his town skin

Body Paint Bikinis and Lingerie

Body Paint Bikinis and Lingerie are some pretty cool body paints. At first you wouldn’t even notice the difference with out a closer look.  The first couple lady’s are wearing a some lovely painted bikinis which look extremely real, the last is wearing a sexy set of lingerie.  All of these look extremely real, the only real give away at least for me is the shape of the breast from certain angles. For some other great body paints check out the Astrological Body paints.  Also be sure to check out the ever popular Painted Hand Optical Illusion.

Sexy Body paint Bikini at the beach

Cute pink painted on bikini

painted on bikini with matching top

Sexy painted on Lingerie

Body Paint clothing

Body Paint Clothing gives a whole new meaning to the term, “wearing your birthday suit”. The first girl, is completely nude but appears to be wearing a suite. Her clothing has been airbrushed onto her giving it a very realistic effect. The second picture is of a girl wearing an airbrushed Linux suite with then penguins covering her nipples. This is a good one for all you hardcore Linux users out there (she would make a perfect background lol). Body paint can look extremely real when done by a professional, at car shows i have seen some where you don’t even notice they are nude until u come up to take a closer look. Previously I posted some Camouflage Body painted girls, they are really neat.

Birthday suit painted on with body paint

Nude girl with  body paint clothing for a Linux computer confrence

Who needs jeans when you can paint them on! well at least the older guy to the left sure likes it :P