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Tattoo Optical Illusions

While browsing the net the other day I came across a very strange Tattoo Optical Illusions, these tattoos were designed to trick ones eyes and take a second glance to try and figure out what the heck was going on.. Personally I don’t know how you could do that to your self but hey each to their own. The first would be a weird one to see, the guy has tattooed a face on the back of his head. cutting his hair to appear as facial hair on his tattoo, This give a whole new meaning to the term two faced! I have No idea how he would do that to himself permanently but its kinda of neat to see (in a creepy way!) The second is of an intense wound being held together with giant stitches, this one looks quite real and gives him a nice Frankenstein effect! The last one is a little strange, he has a tattoo of his face on his arm, so when hes blocking the bright sun out of his eyes, you would still be able to see those nice eyes, mom would be so proud! Kinda like a jackass thing to do (yes I mean the movie!)
To check out something a little more on the cute side, be sure to check out the painted hand animals!

A tattooed rear creates a two faced tattoo effect on this mans head.

Frankenstein is back with this very realistic stitches tattoo

Tattoo of his face on his arm

Astrological Body Paint

This is some Amazing Astrological Body paint. Each one of these nude women has had an astrological sign airbrushed across her body in one form or another. The art work is absolutely amazing, one of my favorite is the Leo I had to take a closer look to see how it was done. Scorpio and Taurus also have a neat twist along with the rest. I’m not to sure who the artist is so if anyone knows be sure to post it!

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Aquarius nude astrological body art

Aries astrology body art

Cancer nude body art

Capricorn body art tattoo

Gemini body art

Leo lion body art

Libra body art

Pieces body art

Sagittariuses nude body art


Taurus astrological sign

Virgo astrological sign

Camouflage suits Optical Illusions

These Camouflage suites are actually white suite that have been painted to match their surroundings, also be sure to check out the post from early this week Painted Camouflage Clothing These Camouflage suites are more or less the same thing.

The camouflage suites are specifically airbrushed or painted for each specific surrounding, which unfortunately they are only useful in one particular location (sorry future spys)

Camouflage on a table

Camouflage on the subway

park bench Camouflage Suits

Book Shelve Camouflage Sutits

Painted Hand Optical Illusions

The Painted Hand Optical Illusions are really a work of art, I believe most of them are airbrushed but either way they are amazing pieces of work. Shadow puppets have nothing on these guys! I hope you enjoy these (more to come soon!)

If you have any of your own illusions you would like to see on this site be sure to submit them.

There is everything from painted had jeraf, elephants, cats, tigers, birds, eagles, alligator, ect.
Painted Hand Illusion - Eagle

Painted Hand Illusion - Bird

Painted Hand Illusion - Cat

Painted Hand Illusion - Cheata

Painted Hand Illusion - Dog

Painted Hand Illusion - Elephant

Painted Hand Illusion - Jeraf

Painted Hand Illusion - Owl

Painted Hand Illusion - Swan

Painted Hand Illusion - Tucan

Painted Hand Illusion - Zebra

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