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Kill Bill Blood Ad

Kill bill was a very popular movie when it came out, along with its promotion campaign was a bunch of very creative advertisements. The one below is a bit gory for some, but it will defiantly intrigue you to take a closer look. If you saw a pool of blood leaking out of a bathroom stall, would you go take a closer look or turn and run away screaming?? Also check out this other KillBill Elevator Ad.

Golds Gym Elevator Door Illusion

Golds Gym is a huge chain wide gym, they are well known throughout Canada and the US. In fact i am a member there, but that’s beside the point. There new ad is an eye catching way to grab your attention. I mean hey, go work out there and you two will be able to rip open elevator doors! These types of advertisements are great for grabbing your attention. For some other great elevator related optical illusions be sure to check out the Six million dollar man, kill-bill advertisement, and the bottomless elevator.