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Effects based on the famous Esher paintings such as Drawing hands and relativity.


Impossible Arch Way Optical Illusion

Impossible Arch Way Optical Illusion is a spectacular Escher style photo taken by Flickr artist Roberto Conte. This photo titled “Locus of control” is like looking into an impossible arch way that would only exist in the world of MC Escher. Can you make sense of these impossible arch ways? how can this work? This photo was taken of an actual structure to! Maybe it really was built by Escher himself :)

Escher style Impossible Arch way optical illusion

The House That Swift Built Optical Illusion

The House That Swift Built Optical Illusion is one of those three dimensional 2D pictures sent in by Jen S. This picture is real neat in the fact that your mind is all over the place trying to figure out how it all works. Are those stairs going up or down? These types of illusions are generaly inspired off some of the works of MC Eschers Works. Such as Escher’s Belvedere, Escher’s Ascending Descending stairs or the famous Waterfall Optical Illusion. So with all these mind games can you get a good grasp on the reality that exists in this picture!

The House that Swift built Optical Illusion - this is one place you can defiantly get lost!

Stairway To Nowhere Optical Illusion

Stairway To Nowhere Optical Illusions is a bizarre site yo see.   This crazy stairway was created for an art exhibition in Munich, Germany.  No matter which angle you see it from its kinda of one of those WTF kinda of things.  I believe this Stairway to Nowhere was inspired by Escher’s Ascending Descending Stair IllusionAlso be sure to check out other great mind boggling works for Escher.

Stairway To Nowhere in an art exhibition in Munich.

Escher Inspired Pool Optical Illusion

look to safe!This Abstract Pool Optical Illusion Escher Inspired
Escher was all about the distorted perspective views, he has created many great “impossible object” type illusions and has inspired many others much like this one.

This is a neat effect.. I just don’t know if i would want to be diving off of there.. doesn’t look to safe!

Escher Inspired Pool Optical Illusion

Escher’s Belvedere Optical Illusion

In Escher’s Belvedere Optical Illusion if you look at the beams they cross over from front to back, but how do we know which is the front and which is the back? This is physically impossible in a 3-Dimensional world but in 2d can give an alternate reality. If you notice the piece of paper on the floor (bottom left) shows a 3d cube almost as a clue to the belvedere’s structure. The man on the latter climbs from inside the gate in the lower platform then ends up on the outside above even tho its straight up!

Escher’s Belvedere

Escher’s Ascending and descending stairs

Going up or going down? it doesn’t really matter because you will still end up at the same place! You can take as many steps as you want and end up right back where you started.

The first illusion is Escher’s original ascending and descanting stairs followed by some other recreations (and yes the Lego version too!).

Eschers Origional Ascending and descenting stairs

Escher Waterfall Optical Illusion

The Escher waterfall Optical Illusion is composed of two beams that rest upon each other at opposite right angles. Escher drew his diagrams in such a way that you could not see a single mistake yet it dose not make sense logically. The water wheel is powered by the falling water, then it flows up to the top and back down to the wheel.

Below is Eschers original waterfall diagram followed by a few recreations, even one created in Lego!

MC Escher Original Waterfall

Escher waterfall recreation

Escher waterfall in lego