Escher’s Ascending and descending stairs

Going up or going down? it doesn’t really matter because you will still end up at the same place! You can take as many steps as you want and end up right back where you started.

The first illusion is Escher’s original ascending and descanting stairs followed by some other recreations (and yes the Lego version too!).

Eschers Origional Ascending and descenting stairs


  • How did those guys get there in the first place? Thats a nice pic.

  • um, the second image is DEFINITELY Pemrose’s impossible stairs, not Escher’s. Nice try! Pemrose predates Escher.

    Sincerely, an art student who knows WTF they are looking at.

  • wow great pic. doing an artist research on him…..why am i posting this don’t really know!!!! lmfao love the picture though hes an amazing artist real inspiration <3

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