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Telephone Lamb Optical Illusion

Telephone Lamb Optical Illusion is more of some creative modern art rather than an illusion but never the less I thought it was pretty cool. From a distance they look like very realistic lambs, but up close you can see that the artist had just found a very creative use for some old telephones.  The cords are perfect for the lamb fur, and the phones them self are the perfect shape for the head. very clever!

Sheep made of old phones

National Geographic Zebra Shadow Illusion

National Geographic Zebra Illusion is another great photo taken by National Geographic.  When first viewed the photo appears to be of a heard of black stallions running through a field.   Upon clocer inspection the black stallions are actually giant shadows of the zebra, with the zebra being the little striped stubs under the stallions feet.  This picture is really similar to another one previously posted from national geographic of a similar effect with camels. See the national geographic camels photo. as always keep submitting these amazing illusions.

Zebra “stallion” shadow optical illusion taken by National Geographic

Fish Tank Bathroom Sink

Modern style but this Fish Tank Bathroom Sink brings it up to a whole new level. Your tropical fish shower curtains now have a brand new accessory! This sink is made out of acrylic and double as a giant gold fish tank, the soap trays are lids easy access inside the tank. You will never forget to feed your gold fish again, you feeding as you brush your teeth! This is a really neat idea, cant say I have ever seen one in person, but it would be pretty cool to see.. So next time you are doing some renovations don’t be afraid to try something a little different architecture 🙂

Modern bathroom sink turned into a giant fish tank

3D Paper Art Optical Illusion

3D Paper Art Optical Illusion is some pretty incredible paper art. All of these paper artwork have been created with a single piece of paper. These incredible pieces of paper art create 3D creations while they are still attached to their original piece of paper. The first 3D humming bard, has incredible depth giving it a life like appearance. The second is kind of cleaver, the cut out man is saving his twin cutout from falling off of his paper. The following two are very detailed skeletons coming out of the paper they were created. These illusions are like origami with a twist.

3D paper art humming bird

Hanging man paper art

Skeleton Rising form the paper - paper art.

Skeleton siting in a chair paper art

Paper art spider

Valentines Day Heart Puppy

Valentines Day Heart Puppy is a cute guy with an unusual spot on his side. Puppy’s are always a way to win over any girls heart. I mean who doesn’t love a cute little puppy! This Valentines day puppy had a heart shaped patch on his side. Perfectly suited for valiantness day you cant help but to adore the little puppy. I have seen some interesting designs, but non quite so perfect. So happy valentines day from Visual Fun House and this cute little puppy.

This little guy is so cute!

Perfect heart shaped patch on this little puppy.

Heart Puppy Sleeping

Sleeping heart puppy

10 Incredible Driftwood Horses

These 10 Incredible Driftwood Horses have all been hand crafted out of large pieces of driftwood. the mastermind behind this beautiful pieces of art is Heather Jansch. Heather being the horse loving, never letting anything slow her down kinda girl began building these horse sculptures and now has a full gallery and exhibition of them. Heather has even started to build bronze sculptures of these magnificent creatures.

When I first saw these pictures it was almost creepy.. at a glance it almost looked like the skeleton of a horse or a horse with no skin. but once you take a closer look you see the true beauty of these old chunks of driftwood. Also check out the Tire Horse Sculpture!

Woodedn Horse sculpture in filed

Drift Wood horse

Amazing drift wood horse

Heather wooden horse

Heather on her wooden horse sculpture

Heather Jansch with her driftwood horse

Horse on the beach

Horse sculpture

Three horses in the water

Wooden horses

Painted Pool Optical Illusion

These Painted Pool Optical Illusions were made to give the illusion that the pool and ponds are inhabited by numerous fish and turtles. These painted pools look surprisingly realistic. I would love to see some of these pools filled with water, it would give the images a some what wavy look and give them the illusion that they were moving.

Hopefully we can find some future pics with the pools filled. This Is very creative fun optical illusion anyone can do to their own pool, so have fun with it and liven things up with some almost real sea life!

If anyone dose get adventurous be sure to submit your photos.

Painted Pool Optical Illusion

Painted turtles Optical Illusion 2
Painted Fish Pond Optical Illusion

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