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10 Incredible Driftwood Horses

These 10 Incredible Driftwood Horses have all been hand crafted out of large pieces of driftwood. the mastermind behind this beautiful pieces of art is Heather Jansch. Heather being the horse loving, never letting anything slow her down kinda girl began building these horse sculptures and now has a full gallery and exhibition of them. Heather has even started to build bronze sculptures of these magnificent creatures.

When I first saw these pictures it was almost creepy.. at a glance it almost looked like the skeleton of a horse or a horse with no skin. but once you take a closer look you see the true beauty of these old chunks of driftwood. Also check out the Tire Horse Sculpture!

Woodedn Horse sculpture in filed

Drift Wood horse

Amazing drift wood horse

Heather wooden horse

Heather on her wooden horse sculpture

Heather Jansch with her driftwood horse

Horse on the beach

Horse sculpture

Three horses in the water

Wooden horses

Images in the clouds

Ever stared up in to the sky and watched the clouds? If you look hard enough you can find a shape or some sort of image in almost any cloud, with these clouds below there are some very distinct pictures that make up these amazing cloud optical illusions. Cumulus clouds being the thicker chunkier clouds make up the majority of the shapes we see in the sky. If you have never seen Mammatus Clouds be sure to check them out, they really are a site to see! So check out some of these amazing cloud formations below and be sure to submit any amazing clouds photos you may have captured.

Cloud Angel glowing in the night sky

Giant Duck Cloud flying through the sky

Cloud Fish with a fiery sun for a glowing eye

Cloud horse charging through the clouds above

Cloud Dragon blowing out a rainbow as his fire

Rabbit in the wood Illusion

Rabbit in the wood Illusion is an amazing photo. You don’t have to look to hard to see the optical Illusion here.  The only real question here is this an amazing coincident or was there some photoshopping behind this. Its hard to tell cause of the lower quality of the image. If this is the work of mother nature then i give her props, because thats a pretty realistic looking wooden rabbit! What do you think.. Real or enhanced 🙂

Cute little rabbit standing in front of his wooden self portrait.

Convex Concave Rocks optical Illusion

Convex Concave Rocks optical Illusion is a snap shot taken Wild Horse Canyon in Utah.  Mandy pointed out that both of these images are identical just the bottom is flipped upside down.  The top picture appears to be a normal rocky hillside with concave holes in the facade, however the bottom picture appears to have strange convex budges coming out of the side of the mountain.  Its amazing how much the shading of the shadows can play tricks on our eyes.

Convex or Concave anomalies in the rock wall?

Bear In the Waves Optical Illusion

Bear in the Waves Optical Illusions is one those hidden image Optical Illusions but not really all that hidden.  If you look into the waves you may notice a big polar bear rushing towards the waves.  Hidden Animals Optical Illusion is also another Optical illusion that has tuns of hidden creatures for your searching pleasure. 7 Hidden Horses is also another good ones, those previous two are a little more work.. so happy searching!

Bear in the Waves Optical Illusion

Tire Sculpture Optical Illusions

Tire Sculpture Optical Illusions are a creative way to turn used tires into artwork! Most people discard their tires every few years, but this Russian artist has found a whole new use for the old rubbers. The first is of  a Giant Rubber Tire buda, the next two pictures are of a tire horse.  The horse almost looks like  a war horse that should be in lord of the rings. Who know old tires could be so beautiful, but then again thats why they call it art! so next time you are looking around at a pile of trash you are throwing out… think what you can create out of it! it could become world famous 🙂  so don’t forget to submit your artwork.

Buda Tire Sculpture
Horse Tire Sculpture
Horse Tire Art

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