Extreme Lego Creations

As a kid we all played with lego, heck I know i still have a huge box of it some where. Below are the Top 10 Extreme Lego Creations I have ever seen, these amazing artworks were created by Natahn Sawaya. Who knew you could create something so big out of the tiny little lego blocks! (i guess my stash just didn’t have enough pieces!) This story was recently covered on CNN, here is the pictures to truly show off this creative Lego building skills.
This lego man is opening him self up as his inner lego spills out.

Even the United States Marines would be proud of this lego creation, even the flag is made from Lego
Just like a advanced robot this lego guy is constructing his self!


13 Commentsto Extreme Lego Creations

Extreme Lego Creations
  1. Jay Ess says:

    I,m normally not really into the whole Lego thing. It’s cool and all. The creations that are typically posted are of Star Wars vehicles and aircraft carriers and such. Those I do like. But this guy has really left those in the dust! He’s created some really awesome and unique creations here! But the one of the flag raising at Iwo Jima brought goosebumps to my whole body! I applaud this Master Lego Artist for his works of Lego art, but even more so for his Awesome Commemoration of a very historic event in history! He gives me a newfound perspective and appreciation on the whole Lego craze! Good Job, Guy! Very Well Done!

  2. asshole says:

    i love that leggo guy

  3. stewart30118 says:

    that is fricken cool

  4. knick knicks says:

    i have to admit, it is cool

    im a nob

  5. Mrs.edward cullen says:

    the first one was soooooo cool

  6. charmed girl says:

    thats flippen awsome

  7. sheennaa says:

    whoa that’s f’n awesome shit man

    i wanna learn to do that :P

  8. sheenna says:

    y does evrery have to say bad words? come on

  9. sheenna says:

    btw im just used someone elses thing

  10. pythongirl says:

    I think the statue of Iwo Jima would honor the 5 Marines and 1 Navy corpsman it depicts more than the Army. Otherwise, very cool.

  11. poppy says:

    that is sooo cool i want to learn to do that and btw my brother says he wants to poopoo on your head?!?!!?

  12. quenton says:

    The second one is the marine corps memorial.It is in Washington D.C..

  13. quenton says:

    Top 10?I only see 4.Lier.

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