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Headless Optical Illusion

Headless Optical Illusion is a neat shot taken of a boy with no head! Notice anything strange with his hands or his shirt? Where or where did his head go? Is there a little smoke and mirror magic going on here? This one is pretty simple to figure out so i wont out right tell you! Neat shot though to who ever the photographer is.

Headless Boy Optical Illusion

Reflection Cube Optical Illusion

Reflection Cube Optical Illusion is was submitted anonymously by one of our users, so if anyone know where it was taken be sure to post it! This cube is made complete out of mirrors with a small hole to enter on one side.  The reflections are endless inside of this thing! Its a pretty cool illusion. I would love to see a full size fun house made completely of mirrors, it would be very trippy and confusing!

Reflection Cube Optical Illusion. Lost yet?

Building Reflection Optical Illusion

Building Reflection Optical Illusion is a neat effect that makes multiple buildings appear inside the columns of skyscrapers. Skyscrapers are generally lined with window after window, when the columns are staggered like a stair case you can get some very cool reflections as if there were buildings inside of them. It can almost be disorienting deciphering which is real and which is the reflection.

Awesome shot of a sky scraper reflecting onto its selfYou can almost get lost in this Building reflectionSo many towers!

Backwards Reflection Optical Illusion

Backwards Reflection Optical Illusion was submitted by one of our readers. If you look in to the mirror instead of seeing his face you see the back of his head, a backwards reflection! how the heck does that happen? How the heck would they pull that reflection off? My only guess is the mirrors are angles to bounce of each other (one out of plain view) that is seeing the back of his head.. at least thats my guess.. any other ideas? This image was inspired by a Magritte painting and created by Paul Bradley

What a lovely reelection? how the heck is it backwards..

Valencia’s Perfect Reflection Optical Illusion

The Valencia’s Perfect Reflection Optical Illusion was one i stumbled across and just had to post, this stunning picture taken by Optical Illusion on flickr.  Santiago Calatrava’s ‘Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias’ Is the building featured in this picture, the photo was taken with the water still as glass giving it a near perfect reflection.  It almost looks like a big eyeball looking out over the water.

Near mirror image of the Valencia

Day Night Reflection Optical Illusion

This Day Night Reflection Optical Illusion was created by Ellen, one of our readers. The Day Night Reflection Illusions is really neat in that the top half seems to be a night time reflection of the bottom half. The bottom half that would normally be a reflection is bright as day. This picture is almost upside down since the bottom half has the water ripples, it creates a visual paradox though this mixture of day and night. Thanks again Ellen for this great illusion.

Day and Night Reflection Optical Illusions

Piano Reflection Optical Illusion

Piano Reflection Optical Illusion was created by Shigeo Fukuda.
Most of Fukenda’s illusions are based on actual objects in abstract views.
In the picture below the piano on the left is actually a reflection of the object on the right. The piano on the right is a dismantled piano that looks like nothing more than a pile of rubbish. The mirrors reflection brings out its true beauty!

Piano Reflection Optical Illusion

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