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Mirror Tic-Tac-Toe illusion

Everyone knows the how to play good old tic-tac-toe.  So what better than a Tic Tac Toe optical illusion game?  A few companies have come out with some optical illusion or rather reflective version of Tic Tac Toe. All of the play pieces are actually half pieces and use the mirror game board to complete the rest of the play piece.  This simple reflection illusion puts a new spin on a classic game.  The first one shown below is made by Peleg Design and retails for around $45-50.   I also found a much more affordable version on amazon for only 12$






As much as i love the look of the version above $50 seemed a little steep to for me so i found a much cheaper version on amazon! Spiff up your office with this cool version of a classic game. Do you know of another illusion type of game? If so let us know in the comments!

All Is Vanity Skull Mirror Illusion

The All is Vanity Skull Mirror illusion was originally created by Charles Allen Gilbert. The first image below is advertisement based on the original (second image below). The add was created by David Bertman in Perris. This Vanity illusion was a collaborative effort by his team at CLM/BBDO. It took the perfect angle to get this shot right an inch to the left or right would ruin the mood of the illusion. The award winning image titled POISON beacame the perfect ad for “Dior Poison”.

Dior Poison Skull Mirror Scary Optical Illusion

The All is Vanity by harles Allen Gilbert

Bathroom Optical Illusion Mirror Prank

This Optical Illusion Prank is absolutely hilarious.
The Bathroom mirror was replaced with a sheet of glass facing an identical room with twins mimicking each other on opposite sides. Everyone who walks in thinks they are invisible. This one is a hilarious Illusion/prank.


Al Seckel explains how Optical Illusions trick our brains

Have you ever wondered how Optical illusions work? How is it that our brain can be fooled by something we know can not be possible? Well if you really want to find out how all these smoke and mirrors work..then you are in for a treat.  Al Seckle is a cognitive neuroscientist, who helps us explore the perceptual illusions that fool our brains. Loads of eye tricks help him prove that not only are we easily fooled, we kind of like it.

Al shows a bunch of popular optical illusion as well as his own. He shows how some of them are done and demonstrates how you are still tricked even after knowing how its done. Some very neat spinnoffs of some classic optical illusion.

Optical Illusion Moving Image

This awesome Optical Illusion is a new twist on some the old Spinning Tunnel Optical Illusion.  The artist has turned that pattern into a vortex with some funky flying VB Beatles and mirror balls flying out of it.  The image is a jpeg not an animated gif, which is part of what makes it an optical illusion! If you stare into the vortex it appears that the edges are sucking into itself.  In actuality this is a static image and not moving at all, your eyes shift focus of the contrasted dot edges. This difference on contrast on the blue circles is what gives the illusion that the image is in motion.

Optical Illusion of being sucked into the vortex

The Descent Dali Skull Illusion

The Descent Skull Illusion is a more obvious recreation of the Silence of the Lambs Optical Illusion. If you look at the shape of the girls on this cover you will notice that they form the shape of a skull. On the Silence of the Lambs cover, there is this same image but with nude girls on the head of the moth! Originally this skull was based off an old painting called the Dali Skull. So enjoy your tidbit of movie and check out some of these Scary Optical Illusions.

The Decent Movie Poster - Skull Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion Photography by Li Wei

Optical Illusion Photography by Li Wei is some pretty incredible work. None of his Optical Illusion photos are computer edited or photoshoped! They are all done using mirrors cables and good old fashion acrobatics. Considering these are all real stunts it is fairly impressive work. Well on the falling theme also be sure to check out the 4 feet from death optical illusion. Any ideas how he pulled off these to shots?
Kicked Off a Building Optical Illusion

Head through a wall Optical Illusion

Headless Optical Illusion

Headless Optical Illusion is a neat shot taken of a boy with no head! Notice anything strange with his hands or his shirt? Where or where did his head go? Is there a little smoke and mirror magic going on here? This one is pretty simple to figure out so i wont out right tell you! Neat shot though to who ever the photographer is.

Headless Boy Optical Illusion

Reflection Cube Optical Illusion

Reflection Cube Optical Illusion is was submitted anonymously by one of our users, so if anyone know where it was taken be sure to post it! This cube is made complete out of mirrors with a small hole to enter on one side.  The reflections are endless inside of this thing! Its a pretty cool illusion. I would love to see a full size fun house made completely of mirrors, it would be very trippy and confusing!

Reflection Cube Optical Illusion. Lost yet?

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