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Sticker Dress Optical Illusion

Sticker Dress Optical Illusion, is an advertisement illusion used at a store in Tokyo Japan. Ever wanted to see what a dress looks like on you.. with out actually trying it on? Well now you can! These Sticker dresses are placed onto mirrors and all you have to do is stand in front of the mirror and you have an instant make over! How easy is that. Getting a sneak preview of an outfit will never be the same again.

Instant make over with a mirror and some clothing stickers.

Endless Tunnel of Light Optical Illusion

Endless Tunnel of Light Optical Illusion creates an endless tunnel of light.  These optical illusions are quite simple yet give a very effective.   This is actually put into my headboard in y room!  It is created using two mirrors and a bunch of little lights. The back mirror is a normal one, the second is a two-way mirror. The middle chamber is surrounded by lights. When the lights are off it appears to be a regular mirror when the lights turn, you see an never ending tunnel of light as the reflections bounce back off each other.  Simple yet very effective illusion 🙂

Endless Tunnel of light

Backwards Reflection Optical Illusion

Backwards Reflection Optical Illusion was submitted by one of our readers. If you look in to the mirror instead of seeing his face you see the back of his head, a backwards reflection! how the heck does that happen? How the heck would they pull that reflection off? My only guess is the mirrors are angles to bounce of each other (one out of plain view) that is seeing the back of his head.. at least thats my guess.. any other ideas? This image was inspired by a Magritte painting and created by Paul Bradley

What a lovely reelection? how the heck is it backwards..

Glass Toilet Optical Illusion

The Glass Toilet Optical Illusion is an actual public toilet in Houston, Texas. This wackey glass toilet is made using one way mirrors, so from the outside its just a mirror which doesn’t allow you to see in… but on the inside you can see out clear as day! Im not sure about you but I would still feel extremely weird using the washroom in there. Even though you know they just see a mirror, seeing sets a subconscious illusion that they can see you as well.
Would you guys feel awkward using it?

Nothing like a Glass toilet to add a little excitment to your day!

Valencia’s Perfect Reflection Optical Illusion

The Valencia’s Perfect Reflection Optical Illusion was one i stumbled across and just had to post, this stunning picture taken by Optical Illusion on flickr.  Santiago Calatrava’s ‘Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias’ Is the building featured in this picture, the photo was taken with the water still as glass giving it a near perfect reflection.  It almost looks like a big eyeball looking out over the water.

Near mirror image of the Valencia

Floating Head Optical Illusion

The Floating Head Optical Illusion is quite simple, and no this is not a photo shop! This picture has not been touched since it was originally taken! This cool optical illusion is created with a giant mirror with a hole in it. You put your head through the hole then focus the camera on the mirror rather than your head, and bam! Your head appears to be floating in thin air! Now if everyone had a giant mirror with a hole in it laying around think of all the cool optical illusions you could create.

This creepy girls head if floating in thin air!

14 Perfect Shot Photography Illusions

14 Perfect Shot Photography Illusions is a collections of some of the most creative shots on the internet, some photographs were planned while others were just the right spot at the right time. Manny of these make great optical illusions, or at least get a second take. In this photography optical illusion gallery timing is everything! Enjoy this spectacular gallery, and be sure to keep on submitting!

Talk about stretch armstrong, that soccer player has to have the worlds longest arm.

Everybody Legs up! now this is kinda of a crazy coincident, even the dogs are joining in!

Headless ice figure skater, just the right angle to catch this show, the poor girl is headless.

Headless man and statue, now this is one is a another crazy coincident, not just that the man is headless in those but the statue is as well!

Headless Mirror Man, kind of a neat shot,the mirror is a nice touch to make it looks like both hands are out there.

Now we have all seen the commercials of the lamp heads, this is proof they do exist!

That is one tall man, this is a perfectly light up reflection of the bottom half of another man at just the right second to line the two up.

Awe such a pretty picture, they got the perfect shot of her in that magazine!

This man is Kicking over the leaning tower of pizza!

Sniper cat, this is one cat you don
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