Floating Head Optical Illusion

The Floating Head Optical Illusion is quite simple, and no this is not a photo shop! This picture has not been touched since it was originally taken! This cool optical illusion is created with a giant mirror with a hole in it. You put your head through the hole then focus the camera on the mirror rather than your head, and bam! Your head appears to be floating in thin air! Now if everyone had a giant mirror with a hole in it laying around think of all the cool optical illusions you could create.

This creepy girls head if floating in thin air!


  • leeann-in-wonderland

    how do they do that crazy shit?

  • i don’t buy it. if that’s a head poking thru a hole in a mirror why is there no reflection of the head or hair around the hole? more likely it’s a head poking thru a hole in a photo.

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