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Giants Eating Human Optical Illusion{no comment}

Do giants still roam the earth? When you were young i’m sure you have seen jack in the bean stock and remember the giants who threatened to eat jack and his friends? In theses perspective illusions the giants have returned. The first giant is about to eat that cute girl.. (possibly his girlfriend..   and the second the marine is about to eat some fellow troopers as they repel into his mouth.  Its amazing how much fun you can have with photos when you find just the right perspective. So i ask.. who have you eaten? Do you have any amazing shots of crazy perspectives and twisted illusions? If so be sure to submit them to be featured on the site!




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Living Painting Illusion{no comment}


Recently i have been trying to learn to airbrush and have become intreated with how realistic a painting can be. Have you ever seen a painting so life like you though it was real? The young girl in this photo painted an image so real it appears to come to life and touch her. Is this a fairly tail love story.. or just a little trickery?  That is for you to decide! Just for another spin on the 3d/coming to life check out this 3d paper art that seems to jump off the page at you.



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Watermelon carvings{no comment}

I have seen some pretty amazing ice sculptures and carvings but never in watermelon.. while that is until today. I know this isn’t directly an illusion but its pretty amazing to see what kinda of faces and creations people can make out of watermelon! Who knew it wasn’t just for eating? and the best part is.. if you mess up or don’t like your carving you can just eat it..  just try not to eat it before you finish. Check out these amazing carvings below. the detail is impressive.. at least for watermelon!


watermelon-bear shar-monkey-watermellon viking-waternelon shrunken-head-watermelon watermellon-aligator

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3D Tree Stereoscopic Illusion{no comment}

Stereoscopic optical illusions are created by using two images of the same object giving you an illusion of depth. Each image is taken at a slightly different angle. When the two images are combined either side by side or flipped back and forth you get a 3D perspective of a static object.  The same effect is also used with the red/blue 3d glasses where the red and blue image is slightly offsetted to give the same impression.  Each eye views a different angle and your brain merges the two to give the image depth. While hiking the other day i came a cross this old moss covered tree and decided to try making one of these illusions for my self. Below you will see both flavors of the Illusion. First click on the image below to open up the full size image, stare into the center of the image and go cross eyed, the two photos will merge into a 3D photo in the center showing the true illusion.  Alternatively if you want the lazy version… scroll down to see the animated GIF. :)

Click this image then stare into the middle and go cross eyed to see the 3d version in the center.

Posted by admin in August 20th, 2012 

Headless Camel{no comment}

Every once in a while you snap that perfect photograph. Below is an amazing shot of a headless camel sent in by Jose Luis.
Jose, a photographer shot this photo in Sanaa, Yemen. Being a photographer myself I can really appreciate the bizarre perspective illusion. If you like these perfect candid moments be sure to check out some of the many headless optical illusion. If Camels are your thing, check out this amazing national geographic camel shot.

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Illusory motion – Static Motion Optical Illusion{no comment}

Illusory Motion or self-animating images is a type of optical illusion that tricks your mind into seeing motion in a static image. This cognitive effect is created by using contrasting colors and shapes. Self-animating images are created using repeating asymmetric patters. Shape and color will also determine the strength or impact of the image illusion.   This image set was created and sent in by Anh Pham. For more great “animated” static images check out the Ferris wheel illusion, or the flying beetle motion illusion.

Posted by admin in October 4th, 2011 

Giant Snake Crunching A Bus{2 comments}

A giant python coils around and destroys this city bus. This amazing eye catching ad was created by Peder Schack from Y&R  as a promotion for the Copenhagen zoo.
This has to be one of the best bus wraps I have seen in ages! I love the detail and 3D look it gives.  Be sure to check out some of these other Bus wrap Illusions or the smaller scale painted cars on cars.


Giant Python Snake crunching a bus


Giant Snake crunching a bus

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The amazing way we can trick our brain{6 comments}

Photo editing has gone one step further into the world of bizarre and abstract images. VisualFunHouse is a site aimed at designers to admire some incredible graphics work and upload some of their own. Here we see some entertaining and mind boggling pictures of animals with alternative heads, which makes a very strange concoction of creature, from a Lion-roo to a Wolf-pigeon. Software like Photo-shop can be used to create this type of illusion.

So while you are chatting the friends online, or you’re between games on why not have a look at these quirky and unusual illusions and share the link with your friends Some will make you laugh, while others will just make you squirm. We not only see strange animals, but humans becoming invisible within a background and unusual motorcycle helmets.

7 invisible men

Further down the page we see a house totally upside down, with the roof immersed in the ground. It looks so realistic and believable, you could almost believe it for a second, if someone told you there was a bad hurricane.

As you scroll down even more, you see people in a house with everything out of proportion. There is even a magical bathroom where the floor is the sky. These are clever editing skills used to manipulate a photo, but how do real optical illusions work?


An illusion is a distortion of the senses, it confuses the brain and interrupts its normal organization. In visual illusions, people’s depth and motion perception changes. This is misinterpreted by the brain to give us a false image.

The information gathered by the eye is then processed by the brain, but it does not represent the real physical measurement.

Our brains are incredible, but they can be fooled sometimes. The brain constructs a whole world, using previous sights and pieces of the surrounding environment. Occasionally the brain will fill in the gaps for us, presuming we are seeing something that doesn’t actually exist.

The Checker Shadow illusion was creeated by Edward H Adelson in 1885. The board seems to have white and black squares (like a chess board), however, they are exactly the same color. It seems impossible, but it is the brain playing tricks on you.

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Hybrid Animal{5 comments}

Cross breading animals can come up with some interesting new species. Have you ever wondered what an aligator brid, monky dog, lion kangeroo or wolf brid would look like? Mother nature tries to prevent this by making different species unable to mate and reproduce. Scientists have found ways around this by combining different DNA strans to produce some strange breeds. In this case the cross breading with done by an artist with some good photoshop skills.

Bird Wolf

Walworth bird

Cat Squirrel

Rooster Dog

Rabbit Bird

Lizard Bird

Lion Kangeroo

Elephant Koala Bear

Eagle Dog

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Painted Motorcycle Helmets{14 comments}

Aside from being a fashion accessory motor bike helmets are one of the most important pieces of safety gear you can have while riding your motorcycle. Light colored helmets have always been a good way to increase your viability and keep you safe on the road. Other then a boring white helmet how about a florescent tennis ball or a green watermelon! These Illusion motorcycle helmets are a great way to draw attention to your self on the road! I recently started riding a motorcycle and have learned how most drives simply do not see you and will most likely cut you off.. Anything you can to to be “seen” is a big plus on rider safety. So why not upgrade your old plain helmet to one of these creative designs and make sure drivers take a second take as their eyes scan the road. Enjoy these fun and creative helmets!

8ball motorcycle helmet

Bald Head Motorcycle Helmet

Bowling Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Brain Motorcycle Helmet

Diamond Motorcycle Helmet

Lady Hair Motorcycle Helmet

Globe Motorcycle Helmet

Golf Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Male Head Motorcycle Helmet

Nude Bum Motorcycle Helmet

Tennis Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Watermellon Motorcycle Helmet

Posted by admin in January 3rd, 2011