3D Paper Art Optical Illusion

3D Paper Art Optical Illusion is some pretty incredible paper art. All of these paper artwork have been created with a single piece of paper. These incredible pieces of paper art create 3D creations while they are still attached to their original piece of paper. The first 3D humming bard, has incredible depth giving it a life like appearance. The second is kind of cleaver, the cut out man is saving his twin cutout from falling off of his paper. The following two are very detailed skeletons coming out of the paper they were created. These illusions are like origami with a twist.

3D paper art humming bird

Hanging man paper art

Skeleton Rising form the paper - paper art.

Skeleton siting in a chair paper art

Paper art spider

7 Commentsto 3D Paper Art Optical Illusion

3D Paper Art Optical Illusion
  1. flo says:

    Wow, those are really good ireally wish icould do that

  2. Hedgehoglover says:

    (Jaw drops) wowww……….those are awesome how’d you find them

  3. carrolynn says:

    The twins and spider look quite simple but the humming bird and skeletons: wow!

  4. coffee4u2 says:

    wow the twin thing is so cool i mean not that the rest aren’t, but these are awesome

  5. ohitskendall says:

    this like so cool i want one

  6. arven ko says:

    clever imagination…eheheh nice!!!

  7. anubhaba says:

    all arts r wonderful

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