Coca Cola Vending Machine Camouflage Suit

Coca Cola Vending Machine Camouflage Suit was developed by a designer in Japan.  With high crime rates this vending machine suite was aimed to be a form of camouflage,  I personally couldn’t see anyone hiding out as a vending machine but  hey it could work! Below you can see the girl illustrates the suit that appears as a piece of her dress and how it transforms into this full size coca cola machine.  Ms Tuskioka has sold about 20 of theses suits at 800$ each.. she agrees they are  a bit impractical but plans to make other variations to market more widely.  If you had police officer hiding out in these suits it might help in scaring off the criminals but as far as a personal disguise i’m not to sure how well it would work.. running away as you put on your pop machine outfit and slide along side the local snack machine 🙂

Coca Cola vending machine suit in action

Normal skirt or a secret camouflage suite!

Skirt to vending machine almost fully deployed and ready for action.

Quite inconspicuous as the two hide out on this busy street corner.


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