10 Amazing Tree Optical Illusions

These 10 Amazing Tree Optical Illusions are some of the coolest trees I have ever seen! Every once in a while you see tress with an anomalies that make it grow in a strange manner. Some of these anomalies are influenced by man while others are just spectacular artworks of nature. Tree brances can be altered by applying a force and causing it go grow around something, or by directing the light source; Trees always grow towards the light.

Either 10 tress are nothing less than amazing, mother nature is just giving us all a little eye candy.

The first tree has a bike through the middle of it, this would of been cause over many years from a as the tree grew around the bicycle.

Amazing Bike Tree optical illusion
This Tree has grown as a giant column with a very interesting intricate design through the stump.

Amazing Column Tree Optical Illusion

This Split tree has to be one of the most amazing ones i have ever seen, it hast to been influenced by man, the arms are to perfectly equal, and for it to connect back up with it self.. super neat though!
Amazing Split Tree Optical Illusion

The Chain Tree
Chain Tree Optical illusion

The Fat Tree, this thing is huge!
Fat Tree Optical Illusion

The Mushroom Tree Farm! this one is defiantly man made but a cool illusion.
Mushroom Forest Optical Illusion

The Six Branch Tree
Six Branch tree Optical Illusion

The Snake Tree
Snake Tree Optical Illusion

Tree Arch – Very cute archway!
Tree Arch Optical Illusion

wavy Tree
wavy Tree


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