silence of the lambs Optical illusion

The Silence of the Lambs Optical Illusion is based on the origin of the skull on the moth of the cover. The Death’s Head Moth features a skull over its head, but the skull is not an actual Skull. The Skull was originally the Dali Portrait which features nude women arranged in such a way to make the outline of a skull.

Manny did not notice this til much after the the movie was released, if you still haven’t seen it.. check it out! this illusion is very fitting for the movie.   Also check out the newest recreation of the Dali skull in The Decent Movie Cover.

Silence of the lambs movie poster

Deaths Head Moth
Deaths Head Moth, used on Silence of the Lambs Movie Poster

Silence of the lambs Deaths Head moth blown up
Blown Dali Skull on from Movie poster.

Original Dali Skull
The Original Dali Skull used to make the skull on the moth


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