Which Side? Reflection Optical Illusion

This is a neat Reflection optical Illusions. Can you tell which was you are looking through the glass? are you looking in or out? the reflections could be going either way! But regardless who ever cleans those windows dose a fine job. Anyone have any guesses on which side of the glass this picture was taken?

Which side of the glass is this picture taken from?


  • that is a reflection because you can see the light inside the building and the door on the inside but still a good illusion

  • I used to install window tint, and depending on the reflection level and lighting conditions, your interior will reflect more then the exterior, so in mid lighting at times you would see any bright objects reflect back. I agree and do this its looking in.. but there is still potentially the opposite way. 😛

  • This is the outside looking in:

    1) the hinges
    2) the bright sky reflecting off the handle
    3) most importantly… the lock. Why would you need to be locked inside 😉

  • it is inside still a cool illsion

  • psssst the lights r on the inside

  • its the outside in look at the handles they are short up and down on the outside and long sidewase on the inside

  • VampyricGoddess

    its the outside. look at the very top right corner. u can see a piece of wall that is very sunny. and look above the closest hinge… there’s a shadow and then sunlight. if u were indoors the light would be distributed evenly.

  • outside. Hinges, lock, and a tiny bit of snow in the bottom right corner.

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