10 Incredible Driftwood Horses

These 10 Incredible Driftwood Horses have all been hand crafted out of large pieces of driftwood. the mastermind behind this beautiful pieces of art is Heather Jansch. Heather being the horse loving, never letting anything slow her down kinda girl began building these horse sculptures and now has a full gallery and exhibition of them. Heather has even started to build bronze sculptures of these magnificent creatures.

When I first saw these pictures it was almost creepy.. at a glance it almost looked like the skeleton of a horse or a horse with no skin. but once you take a closer look you see the true beauty of these old chunks of driftwood. Also check out the Tire Horse Sculpture!

Woodedn Horse sculpture in filed

Drift Wood horse

Amazing drift wood horse

Heather wooden horse

Heather on her wooden horse sculpture

Heather Jansch with her driftwood horse

Horse on the beach

Horse sculpture

Three horses in the water

Wooden horses


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