7 Horses – Jim Warren Hidden image

Seven horses was created by artist Jim Warren, as a kid he loved the challenge of finding hidden objects in art work but found them far to easy. With each horse being progressively harder to find, he created this stunning image; 7 horses. The first six art to bad, although the 7th took me a while..

Can you find them all?

Seven horses

11 Commentsto 7 Horses – Jim Warren Hidden image

7 Horses – Jim Warren Hidden image
  1. terriorluvr says:

    I can only find Five!

  2. joe bo says:

    Two of them must be microscopic.

  3. Samith Dilshan says:

    I can not find two horses

  4. john_bhoy says:

    I found 6 but got all 7. ;)

  5. serphant king says:

    I can only find three :(

  6. Chelsea says:

    I’ve found 5, and I think I may have found 6 but it looks a little too weird…………

  7. ClaraCorri says:

    i found all 7 but you really have to look for the non obivous..!! I love this painting..!1

  8. MOSBORN says:

    Maybe there’s only supposed to be 5 of them… the name of the painting might be such as to throw a person off…

  9. youngirishfox says:

    got all seven after a little thought. look around and think outside the box(literally)

  10. steveguy122 says:

    First one: the real one. second one: in the waves, crashing by the rocks. third:in the clouds. fourth: in the left wall of the cave, the bumps are like the features. fifth:the gap by the bit where the sun is visible( it is in the shape of a horse). sixth,seventh: I haven’t found them yet.

  11. sfreed says:

    Love the picture and posts…where is the seventh horse?

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