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Fish Tank Bathroom Sink

Modern style but this Fish Tank Bathroom Sink brings it up to a whole new level. Your tropical fish shower curtains now have a brand new accessory! This sink is made out of acrylic and double as a giant gold fish tank, the soap trays are lids easy access inside the tank. You will never forget to feed your gold fish again, you feeding as you brush your teeth! This is a really neat idea, cant say I have ever seen one in person, but it would be pretty cool to see.. So next time you are doing some renovations don’t be afraid to try something a little different architecture 🙂

Modern bathroom sink turned into a giant fish tank

Mirror Tic-Tac-Toe illusion

Everyone knows the how to play good old tic-tac-toe.  So what better than a Tic Tac Toe optical illusion game?  A few companies have come out with some optical illusion or rather reflective version of Tic Tac Toe. All of the play pieces are actually half pieces and use the mirror game board to complete the rest of the play piece.  This simple reflection illusion puts a new spin on a classic game.  The first one shown below is made by Peleg Design and retails for around $45-50.   I also found a much more affordable version on amazon for only 12$






As much as i love the look of the version above $50 seemed a little steep to for me so i found a much cheaper version on amazon! Spiff up your office with this cool version of a classic game. Do you know of another illusion type of game? If so let us know in the comments!

Worlds smallest Artwork

Willard Wigan is created of the Worlds Smallest art works, his miniature creations are so small they fit inside the eye of a needle or on top of the head of a pin.  Most of the sculptures are created from a grain of sand which are slowly carved away and painted with a hair plucked off the back of a fly! Many of Willard’s artwoks sell for over 300,000 each! His collection was recently baught for over 30 Million! Im not quite sure if this classifies as an optical illusion, but its pretty amazing if you ask me.  The photos below were taken looking through a micorscope! Willard even has plans to make his work even smaller. Enjoy these magnificant creations of the worlds smallest art.

Bart and Homer Simpson on the head of a pin

Bart and Homer Simpson on the head of a pin

Miniature Boxing Ring

Miniature Boxing Ring

Willard Wigans Clown inside of a needle

Willard Wigans Clown inside of a needle

Elvis on top of a pin

Elvis on top of a pin

Marilyn Monroe Miniature by Willard Wigan

Marilyn Monroe Miniature by Willard Wigan

Peter Pan on a fishing hook

Peter Pan on a fishing hook

Six Wives Of Henry the VIII in the eye of a needle

Six Wives Of Henry the VIII in the eye of a needle

Mini Statue of Liberty

Mini Statue of Liberty

The Wizard of OZ Micro Art

The Wizard of OZ Micro Art

Miniature Titanic

Miniature Titanic

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Willard Wigan and his Needle Miniature Artwork

Willard Wigan and his Needle Miniature Artwork

Looking at this last photo just puts it into perspective how tiny Wigans artwork really is!

25 Incrediable 3D Chalk Street Art

3D Chalk street art has always been one of my favorite types of Optical Illusions.  This collection is of 25 Incredible 3d Chalk drawings from all around the world! They include works of very artists such as Julian Beever and Tracy Stum and various other artists.  If you have ever wondered how they created these amazing pieces of art, check out a video by julain beaver drawing the fountian of youth. All of these street arts are new to me, its exciting to find new chalk artists! So which one is your favorite?

3D Camel Chalk Drawing

Fishing in Shanghai

Sky Tv Ad in Waterloo Station

3D Beer by Julian Beever

3D Chocolate at the ElementMonkey Pit by Julian Beever

Paper Cranes by Tracy Stum

Beowulf in 3d at the Comicon

Nike Basketball ad in Shanghai

Chess with the Dali Lama by Tracy Stum

DHL postal ad in Brimingham

Escape of the Mummy!

Eurostar chalk art in Belgium
Party Poker Monster Advertisement in Bergo

Imaginit Ad in Las Vegas

Titania Encantado Burgos
Hell in London

Indian Fantasy - Tracy Stum

Iskadar 3D Pavement drawing in Singapore

Jaguar Temple - Tracy Stum

Medici Garden by Tracy Stum

Napoleon Escapes street art

Paris 3D by Beever

Phaeton 3D street art in Salamanca

Poseidon Trevi Dountain Street art

Images in the clouds

Ever stared up in to the sky and watched the clouds? If you look hard enough you can find a shape or some sort of image in almost any cloud, with these clouds below there are some very distinct pictures that make up these amazing cloud optical illusions. Cumulus clouds being the thicker chunkier clouds make up the majority of the shapes we see in the sky. If you have never seen Mammatus Clouds be sure to check them out, they really are a site to see! So check out some of these amazing cloud formations below and be sure to submit any amazing clouds photos you may have captured.

Cloud Angel glowing in the night sky

Giant Duck Cloud flying through the sky

Cloud Fish with a fiery sun for a glowing eye

Cloud horse charging through the clouds above

Cloud Dragon blowing out a rainbow as his fire

Underwater Sculpture Park

This Underwater Sculpture Park in simply amazing, these pieces were all created on land and taken down about 4-6m to their underwater resting place divers and snorkelers to see. This is a creative twist on an art gallery! Jason Taylor is the master mind behind these under water sculptures. Jason has gained international recognition for his art work in using it to help build an artificial underwater reef. I hope to visit these in person some time, I just got my Diving certification last summer! Aside from being side tracked enjoy this magnificent underwater art gallery!

Underwater statue office worker, poor guys is typing at his desk till the bitter end!

Underwater statue of an office worker at his desk

Statue before it is taken down to its underwater resting place

artwork underwater

Underwater lady statue surrounded by fish

Underwater Face sculpture

Statue of Women laying on the ocean floor

Underwater statues laying on the ocean floor

Underwater circle of children

Underwater children statues

underwater art faces

Underwater Mask art

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