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Giants Eating Human Optical Illusion

Do giants still roam the earth? When you were young i’m sure you have seen jack in the bean stock and remember the giants who threatened to eat jack and his friends? In theses perspective illusions the giants have returned. The first giant is about to eat that cute girl.. (possibly his girlfriend..   and the second the marine is about to eat some fellow troopers as they repel into his mouth.  Its amazing how much fun you can have with photos when you find just the right perspective. So i ask.. who have you eaten? Do you have any amazing shots of crazy perspectives and twisted illusions? If so be sure to submit them to be featured on the site!




Paper Thin Building Optical Illusion

Ever seen a paper thing building? Well check out this Perspective Optical Illusion photo below. When viewed from this angle the building appears to be paper thing (at least thats my theory).  I previously posted similar illusions such as 2D San Antonio Building. The San Antonio building gave a similar illusion using strange angles and sharp edges. Do you think this is done in the same fashion? Or did the architect just go a little crazy? You never know, check out this rotated building or this melting building in Paris.

Paper Thin building, what the heck is going on here.

Tower Optical Illusion

Tower Optical Illusion is a spectacular photo taken by Sabine form flicker.  This photo was taken down a street in Singapore.  The amazing thing that makes this is an optical illusions is the same picture when placed side by side gives a different perspective of the same image. Look at the clouds and the tower beside the building each one appears to be leaning a different direction.  Also check out a similar Leaning Tower Optical Illusion for another example of this great optical illusion.

Leaning Tower Optical Illusion

Spider Effect Optical Illusion

Spider Effect Optical Illusion is created using 2 images, one normal and the other inverted. The two images are flashed back and forth at a rapid pace.  The contrast shift causes your eyes to perceive the image as moving. If you stare at the theater doesn’t it look like the spider’s coming out at you? Awhile back i posted a similar illusion called Flying through space, there is also a cool 3D Dinosaur optical illusion that uses a similar principle of flashing 2 different perspectives of an image back and forth. Enjoy the Scary optical Illusion of this creeper spider!

Spider Effect Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion Speed Bumps

Optical Illusion Speed Bumps are a new innovative idea aimed at slowing down drivers on the road. From a distance these perspective triangles look like small pyramids on the road.  These “speed bumps” are currently being tested and deployed in business and residential areas in Philadelphia.  As most of you might expect the novelty would wear off and after a few month drives would become accustom to this illusion and resume higher speeds; in an effort to combat them real police officer are randomly monitoring them ensuring motorist are obeying the slower posted sped limits.  What do you think about this idea? at the price of about 70$ its alot more affordable then an 800$ speed bump.. would they slow you down? I mean hey, I would probally slow down just to check out the funky street art 🙂

Optical Illusion Speed bumps set out to slow down motorists

Cloud Optical Illusions

Clouds Optical Illusions are created using common objects with clouds as your paint and the sky as your canvas. Using some creative props and angles you can come up with some pretty amazing shots. Similar illusions like the Statue Blowing the Clouds and spraying out the clouds. Although not all of these are created by special perspectives. One of Mother natures great phanomana’s Mammatus Clouds which are a spectacular site to see!

Spraying out the clouds Optical Illusion, a little here a little there

wooden man Grabbing the Clouds

Shooting streaks into the sky

Dragon Blowing smoke into the sky

Pouring clouds out of a can of Tilt

Spread those Clouds out, nice and smooth

Extreme Leaning Optical Illusion

Extreme Leaning Optical Illusion from the lens of Steve Chabot. These kind of Snapshot Illusions can be pretty tricky to solve.  My initial theory was that the picture was just taken an an angle, but if you look at the vegetation it appears to be growing straight up as the shot was taken.  If the hill was slanted then the trees and plants would be leaning in the same direction as him. So what do you think, just  a slanted camera or is there more to this snapshot Illusion?

Some very Extreme Leaning!

Aroused Statue Optical Illusion

Aroused Statue Optical Illusion is one of those funny snap shot optical illusion. If you look at the first picture the statue looks like he is very aroused! If you scroll down to the second statue you will see it was all in the perspective. You can get some pretty crazy pictures if you take them at the right angle. Well on the topic of statue be sure to check out the Top 10 strangest statue optical illusions.

Very Aroused Statue optical Illusion

Park Bench Optical Illusion

The Park Bench Optical Illusion is a very cool photo taken by lynn fagerlie.  Funny enough lynn didn’t even realize the Illusion until she got home and uploaded them to her computer.  Hidden aspects are the best, it always fun to discover new things once the picture is developed or in this case uploaded to the computer.  The park bench illusion is a snap shot illusion but the illusion itself is all in the perspective.  If you take a look at the bench on the left can you tell which way its facing? is it away? or wait its coming at you… or is it!

Park Bench Optical Illusion

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