Top 10 Strangest Statues

These Top 10 Strangest Statues are defiantly a little different, some i admit are quite creative and others are just plain out there. I know these are not technically optical illusions, but they are something worth checking out. The first is kinda cute, the two statues are munching on a biscuit bench! It is located infront of the Bukcheon Museum in Seoul Korea. The second is a somewhat upside down version of Charles La Trobe. The third is a little on the strange side, its a giant peeing statue in Prague. There is everything form falling sharks to giant thumbs to take a look at the top 10 Strangest statues.

those cherry old chap status are munching on a biscuit! Very cool statue bench.

Upside down version Charles La Trobe made into  a planter, This statue is in Melbourne Australia

A Giant peeing statue from Prague, kinda strange if you ask me.

Giant hanging rhino statue in Potsdam, I sure hope it doesn
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