Extreme Leaning Optical Illusion

Extreme Leaning Optical Illusion from the lens of Steve Chabot. These kind of Snapshot Illusions can be pretty tricky to solve.  My initial theory was that the picture was just taken an an angle, but if you look at the vegetation it appears to be growing straight up as the shot was taken.  If the hill was slanted then the trees and plants would be leaning in the same direction as him. So what do you think, just  a slanted camera or is there more to this snapshot Illusion?

Some very Extreme Leaning!


  • I believe… if you notice the shadows of the vegetation are all cast on their left side. If you triangulate the light you’ll find that angularly at about 50 deg. The shadow that the man cast does not follow the same triangulation…

  • I appoligize… I left a key component out. You’ll find that the sun is located about 50 deg. for those trig people- in the first quadrant.

  • He is simply falling. Look at his shirt obeying gravity.

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