Optical Illusion Speed Bumps

Optical Illusion Speed Bumps are a new innovative idea aimed at slowing down drivers on the road. From a distance these perspective triangles look like small pyramids on the road.  These “speed bumps” are currently being tested and deployed in business and residential areas in Philadelphia.  As most of you might expect the novelty would wear off and after a few month drives would become accustom to this illusion and resume higher speeds; in an effort to combat them real police officer are randomly monitoring them ensuring motorist are obeying the slower posted sped limits.  What do you think about this idea? at the price of about 70$ its alot more affordable then an 800$ speed bump.. would they slow you down? I mean hey, I would probally slow down just to check out the funky street art 🙂

Optical Illusion Speed bumps set out to slow down motorists

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