25 Incrediable 3D Chalk Street Art

3D Chalk street art has always been one of my favorite types of Optical Illusions.  This collection is of 25 Incredible 3d Chalk drawings from all around the world! They include works of very artists such as Julian Beever and Tracy Stum and various other artists.  If you have ever wondered how they created these amazing pieces of art, check out a video by julain beaver drawing the fountian of youth. All of these street arts are new to me, its exciting to find new chalk artists! So which one is your favorite?

3D Camel Chalk Drawing

Fishing in Shanghai

Sky Tv Ad in Waterloo Station

3D Beer by Julian Beever

3D Chocolate at the ElementMonkey Pit by Julian Beever

Paper Cranes by Tracy Stum

Beowulf in 3d at the Comicon

Nike Basketball ad in Shanghai

Chess with the Dali Lama by Tracy Stum

DHL postal ad in Brimingham

Escape of the Mummy!

Eurostar chalk art in Belgium
Party Poker Monster Advertisement in Bergo

Imaginit Ad in Las Vegas

Titania Encantado Burgos
Hell in London

Indian Fantasy - Tracy Stum

Iskadar 3D Pavement drawing in Singapore

Jaguar Temple - Tracy Stum

Medici Garden by Tracy Stum

Napoleon Escapes street art

Paris 3D by Beever

Phaeton 3D street art in Salamanca

Poseidon Trevi Dountain Street art


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