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Telephone Lamb Optical Illusion

Telephone Lamb Optical Illusion is more of some creative modern art rather than an illusion but never the less I thought it was pretty cool. From a distance they look like very realistic lambs, but up close you can see that the artist had just found a very creative use for some old telephones.  The cords are perfect for the lamb fur, and the phones them self are the perfect shape for the head. very clever!

Sheep made of old phones

Invisible Man

The Invisible Man was originality a classic novel written by H.G. Wells that was later turned  into a movie in 1933.  Recently in 2000-2002 it was recreated as a T.V. series.  The ever popular invisible man has been a fictional character that has captivated young minds of the power to move unseen. This photo was taken is Las Rambla, Barcelona by Shamus O’Reilly.  This spectacualr recreation of the Invisible man would defiantly be a street stopper piece of art.

Invisible man in a modern recreation

Psychological Optical Illusion

Psychological Optical Illusion is a neat optical illusion, that will be seen differently by different cultures.  The perception of the scene in the photo is largely determined by your culture and what part of the world you live in.

Psychological Optical Illusion

So what did you see happening in the above picture? Tests were done with similar picture in Africa, the majority of the participants saw a family sitting on the ground by a tree and a girl balancing a box on her head.  On the other hand Western cultures placed the family indoors and the post behind the man the corner of the room and the box above the girls head a window with some vegetation outside. Im assuming that most of our readers will see the second half considering we are all modern enough to be on a computer!  Let me know what you guys saw.

Fish Tank Bathroom Sink

Modern style but this Fish Tank Bathroom Sink brings it up to a whole new level. Your tropical fish shower curtains now have a brand new accessory! This sink is made out of acrylic and double as a giant gold fish tank, the soap trays are lids easy access inside the tank. You will never forget to feed your gold fish again, you feeding as you brush your teeth! This is a really neat idea, cant say I have ever seen one in person, but it would be pretty cool to see.. So next time you are doing some renovations don’t be afraid to try something a little different architecture 🙂

Modern bathroom sink turned into a giant fish tank