Invisible Man Body Paint

Invisible Man Body Paint is an amazing body paint optical illusion created by Liu Bolin from Beijing. Liu art features a style of urban camouflage which is based around blending into modern environments. The pictures below look more like an invisability cloak then body paint! DBolin did an amazing job.  Also check out some of these other Painted Camouflage optical illusions.

Invisible Man Body Paint

Translucent Body paint

Camo Body paint


  • omg thats so good (y)

  • It’s easier to just use Photoshop instead of painting the body like that. For an exhibit, paint would be superior, but if it’s only a photo, I would just use Photoshop.

  • yeah i mean,
    why even paint or take photos of anything anymore when we can just use photoshop?

    in fact, why take family vacations if you can just photoshop yourself into a location?

    why even have a family? you can probably just photoshop some other people into a photo of yourself!

  • Erdos, no offense, but you really are an idiot. Ever felt like doing something just because you can? The pointlessness is half the point.

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