Impossible Arch Way Optical Illusion

Impossible Arch Way Optical Illusion is a spectacular Escher style photo taken by Flickr artist Roberto Conte. This photo titled “Locus of control” is like looking into an impossible arch way that would only exist in the world of MC Escher. Can you make sense of these impossible arch ways? how can this work? This photo was taken of an actual structure to! Maybe it really was built by Escher himself 🙂

Escher style Impossible Arch way optical illusion


  • Great picture. What we’re looking at is actually 3 archways. One in the background and the 2 illusion producing arches in the foreground. The two up front were snapped at a great angle, producing the illusion.

  • I just spotted the fourth arch. So, we’re actually seeing at least four arches.

  • Actually you are looking through six arched windows

  • Actually, you’re all wrong. We’re actually looking through _27_ archways. Pretty amazing, huh?

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