Escher Waterfall Optical Illusion

The Escher waterfall Optical Illusion is composed of two beams that rest upon each other at opposite right angles. Escher drew his diagrams in such a way that you could not see a single mistake yet it dose not make sense logically. The water wheel is powered by the falling water, then it flows up to the top and back down to the wheel.

Below is Eschers original waterfall diagram followed by a few recreations, even one created in Lego!

MC Escher Original Waterfall

Escher waterfall recreation

Escher waterfall in lego


  • Pretty fantastic if you ask me. I’m struggling to understand how it works in the physical form (ie. lego), rather than just being an illusion on paper :S


  • if you look at the second lego floor going left you’ll see that it’s been forced to point up. like the waterfall bit

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