Body Paint Bikinis and Lingerie

Body Paint Bikinis and Lingerie are some pretty cool body paints. At first you wouldn’t even notice the difference with out a closer look.  The first couple lady’s are wearing a some lovely painted bikinis which look extremely real, the last is wearing a sexy set of lingerie.  All of these look extremely real, the only real give away at least for me is the shape of the breast from certain angles. For some other great body paints check out the Astrological Body paints.  Also be sure to check out the ever popular Painted Hand Optical Illusion.

Sexy Body paint Bikini at the beach

Cute pink painted on bikini

painted on bikini with matching top

Sexy painted on Lingerie


  • Mrs.edward cullen

    That is just Gross

  • I think the paintings are done by a very good artists. Most artists don’t put in the shading effects and lighting effects seen above.

  • @Mrs.edward cullen: How old are you, twelve? (I guess so, based on the name.) These women are gorgeous, and the artists who painted them are very skilled.

    I’d love to have a body like that, lol, or if not that at least be able to paint with that much skill. Either way, really.

  • thats so cool

  • I agree with tar. Anyone who would say that has no idea what they are talking about. This take a very skilled person to paint something like that and these are extremely famous models. Im doing a bodypaiting shoot tomarrow:P

  • HEY!!!!! watch it!!!Im 12 but I think that artwork like this takes a lot of time and it is NOT gross, ms.Edward Cullen, it IS art and its amazing how somebody can do this!!!

  • This is excellent work and anyonewho sees it as something gross is ignorant. I don’t mean to name call but every time someone goes outside the sterotypical box they aren’t being gross, they are exercising thier right to be free. Free your mind and have a little fun Ms. Cullen.

  • Its the human body its not gross its artwork and it a very skilled artist

  • I think the ladies are very beautiful,and the art work is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wtg !

  • how sexy babe.;)

  • peace is soooooooooooo right.:)

  • well they might be painted but why can u not see her vagina then, especially the 2nd and 3rd from the bottom.

  • Robert Heinlein wrote about the use of paint as shirts in the workplace and in the future. I think that was in the book “Time Enough for Love”. I think these are lovely examples that rival the painted on swimsuits in the March issues of Sports Illustrated. Kudos for the share.

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    ing the door appropriately. WOW that’s for both
    artists and models.

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