Extreme 3D Nude Woman Paint Job

Extreme 3D Nude Woman Paint Job is one amazing airbrushed paint job. Looking at this Image I could swear that it was 3D and extruding out of the hood. As far as i know it is “actually” just a 3d painting, or is it? What do you guys think, did some crazy guy mold a nude girl into his hood or was it just a painted by an amazing Julian beaver type artist.

Airbrushed 3D Naked Woman Paint Job


  • Awesome!!! This is excellent work

  • I think that it is actually sculpted because, if you look, the bald head is covering up part of the trim around the windshield.

  • Well it really depends at what angle you look at it. I actually think its painted, the artist probably used different color and and angles to make the lighting so thats what makes it look 3D and if you look closely it looks flat. Plus it would also be dangerous for the driver if it was sculpted.

  • It is actually sculpted and it says so in the caption and in the tags. 3D…

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