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3D Graffiti Street Art

3D Graffiti Street Art is a nice little twist on a spray painted art. These are a few of the cooler 3D ones I have seen lately. I’m sure everyone has seen the tagging on alley ways and brick walls that usually end up getting painted over after a few months. These Graffiti art i don’t think I would want to paint over.. they are really amazing pieces of art. It takes skill to do tasteful art in 3d.
Amazing 3D Graffiti Street Art

Vibrant 3D Graffiti Street Art

3D arrow graffiti feature art work

3D graffiti painting artwork

3D Graffiti sweeping up the sidewalk under the wall

Street art on an old brick wall

Vibrant 3D Arrow Graffiti Art

3D Chalk Raft – Julian Beevers Latest Masterpiece

the 3D Chalk Raft is Julian Beevers Latest Masterpiece, he never fails to amaze me. Beevers chalk art is simply amazing. This 3D chalk raft was created for the Charleston Festival in, in the UK. Julian originally from Brittan now living in the UK, continues to take his magnificent skills and amaze all aground. This is one of my new favorites and I hope you can enjoy its beauty as much as I do. Also be sure to check out some of Julian Beever’s other work.

Julian Beever Riding his 3d Chalk Raft

Beever Painting 3d Chalk Art Raft

Julian Painting 3d Chalk art river raft

Beever painting rapids for raft chalk art
Beevers 3d chalk radt from a side view

Elevator Optical Illusion

The Elevator Optical Illusion would be one freaky ride, the floor drops down as far as the eye can see. Much like the Drop of Doom Ride in Disneyland except you wont go screaming down when you get in. This is actually a 3D Chalk Drawing, in which the artist has painted the floor as if it just drops down into a bottomless pit. 3D chalk drawings are amazing illusions, that create incredible optical illusions when views at the correct angle.

Also be sure to check out some of the work from Julian Beever, he is very well known for his awesome chalk drawings.

Elevator Optical Illusion

3D Chalk Art – Fantacy

The 3D chalk art fantasy section shows some amazing drawings of abstract perception, some mimic life and other just spectacular murals. Viewed from the side they may look like a distorted drawing but viewed straight on brings to life an amazing 3d image.

3D Chalk seal

3D chalk Batman

3D Bog
3d Bog 2

3d Bog 4 3D Chalk - greek

3D Globe

3D Chalk globe viewed from the side reveals its true aspect self.

3D Globe side view

3D chalk Fly

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