3D Street chalk Drawings

3D Street chalk Drawings are some amazing new creations by a Julian Beaver style artist, Eduardor Relero. The set below is new to even myself who is in love with these kind of 3D Chalk Optical Illusions.  These amazing chalk drawings span the streets of Spain attracting locals and tourists alike while sending messages about things such as poverty. The creepy baby head has to be one of my favorites for some reason, it kind of reminds me of something out of a horror movie.  The man starting down at the carving of himself in the pit is also very well done. What do you guys thing of these new masterpieces? Whats your favorite?

3D Chalk Skull pit - just shows the kind of death we stare into as we watch our prime time tv.

Chalk Baby head being fed a skinny dyeing human by his little old mother.

3D chalk bust being admired by the modeled man.

Close up of the 3D Chalk Face in the cliff

Chalk people sitting on a plank of above the watery pit below

Tightrope over the chalk theater


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