3D Room Optical Illusion

These 3D Room Optical Illusions are a very cool effect. When viewed from the right angle they produce amazing visual effects. These designs are generally created using light to portray the image across the many surfaces. They can then be painted using the light/shadows as a guideline of where to paint.

These are spectacular illusions and can be done on any surface in and any area. I have seen them on harbors, rooms, city blocks ect. Enjoy

3D painted Room

3d Room 2

3D Room 3

3D Room 5

3D Room 4

3D room 6

3D room 7

3D room 9

3D room 8

3D room 11

3D room 10
3D room 13

3D room 12

3D room 15

3D room 14

3D Painted room Illusion


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