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Harrison Sand Castle Competition

Harrison Sand Castle Competition is a extreme sand castle competition held every year at Harrison Hot springs in British Columbia. I know this isn’t really an optical illusion but I just got back from a Dragon Boating festival there and they had these spectacular sand sculptures. I could not help but to post them 🙂 I was wondering how heck they get these things to stay and not crumble away, but according to one of the guys at the entrance its just sand and water that has been tampered down and compacted. Has anyone ever been to Harrison and seen these extreme sand sculptures in person? They really are an amazing sight!

Extreme Pirate Sand Sculpture

Sweet Dreams - Monsters under the bed and in the Closet Sand Sculpture

Talking Walls Sand Sculpture

Alice in Wonderland Sand Sculpture

Extreme Casteles

Shadow Faces Optical Illusion

Shadow Faces Optical Illusion is more of a contemporary art kind of illusion.  From a distance you would just see funny little squares of paper up on the wall, but when a light is cast on to them they reveal some very distinct shadows of human faces.   Its amazing what you can create with a little ingenuity, I have no clue who the artists is of this cool optical illusion so be sure to post it if you know! Another similar more extreme version is the trash shadow optical illusion, it is very detailed shadows, be sure to check it out!

Shadow faces optical illusion

Bear In the Waves Optical Illusion

Bear in the Waves Optical Illusions is one those hidden image Optical Illusions but not really all that hidden.  If you look into the waves you may notice a big polar bear rushing towards the waves.  Hidden Animals Optical Illusion is also another Optical illusion that has tuns of hidden creatures for your searching pleasure. 7 Hidden Horses is also another good ones, those previous two are a little more work.. so happy searching!

Bear in the Waves Optical Illusion

Global Warming Optical Illusion

The Global Warming Advertisement Optical Illusion is one of those eye catching ads that you can not help but to stop to stare at.  The melted ice cream truck is an extreme example of the possible effects of global warming.  With global warming becoming more and more prevalent in our world, its something that defiantly an issue that needs to be looked at.  Going green is the new fad in stopping global warming and is essential in saving our planet. So I hope this poor ice cream truck helps send out the message!

Melted Ice Cream Truck Global Warming Advertisement

Glass Toilet Optical Illusion

The Glass Toilet Optical Illusion is an actual public toilet in Houston, Texas. This wackey glass toilet is made using one way mirrors, so from the outside its just a mirror which doesn’t allow you to see in… but on the inside you can see out clear as day! Im not sure about you but I would still feel extremely weird using the washroom in there. Even though you know they just see a mirror, seeing sets a subconscious illusion that they can see you as well.
Would you guys feel awkward using it?

Nothing like a Glass toilet to add a little excitment to your day!

Body Paint Bikinis and Lingerie

Body Paint Bikinis and Lingerie are some pretty cool body paints. At first you wouldn’t even notice the difference with out a closer look.  The first couple lady’s are wearing a some lovely painted bikinis which look extremely real, the last is wearing a sexy set of lingerie.  All of these look extremely real, the only real give away at least for me is the shape of the breast from certain angles. For some other great body paints check out the Astrological Body paints.  Also be sure to check out the ever popular Painted Hand Optical Illusion.

Sexy Body paint Bikini at the beach

Cute pink painted on bikini

painted on bikini with matching top

Sexy painted on Lingerie

Body Paint clothing

Body Paint Clothing gives a whole new meaning to the term, “wearing your birthday suit”. The first girl, is completely nude but appears to be wearing a suite. Her clothing has been airbrushed onto her giving it a very realistic effect. The second picture is of a girl wearing an airbrushed Linux suite with then penguins covering her nipples. This is a good one for all you hardcore Linux users out there (she would make a perfect background lol). Body paint can look extremely real when done by a professional, at car shows i have seen some where you don’t even notice they are nude until u come up to take a closer look. Previously I posted some Camouflage Body painted girls, they are really neat.

Birthday suit painted on with body paint

Nude girl with  body paint clothing for a Linux computer confrence

Who needs jeans when you can paint them on! well at least the older guy to the left sure likes it :P

Underwater American Flag Illusion

Underwater American Flag Illusion was created by but a spectacular array of underwater landscape. This giant American flag was created by under water landscape of colored rocks. These painted rocks were spread out underwater to create this giant flag along the bay in this tropical paradise. it might seem a little strange to see these red and white lines off the bow of the boat, from up in the air you see this landscapes true beauty. Be sure to keep submitting these amazing optical illusions.

Giant American Flag lines the floor of this tropical bay.

Walking Across Water Optical Illusion

Walking Across Water Optical Illusion is one of those perfect snapshot illusions created by taken a photo at just the right time. This one is a synchronized swimmer as she dives into the water below. In order to capture thes type of shots you need a a fairly expensive camera that has an extremely fast shutter speed. If any of you have captured any of these amazing perfect snapshot illusions be sure to submit them!

Synchronized swimmer walking across water

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