Underwater Sculpture Park

This Underwater Sculpture Park in simply amazing, these pieces were all created on land and taken down about 4-6m to their underwater resting place divers and snorkelers to see. This is a creative twist on an art gallery! Jason Taylor is the master mind behind these under water sculptures. Jason has gained international recognition for his art work in using it to help build an artificial underwater reef. I hope to visit these in person some time, I just got my Diving certification last summer! Aside from being side tracked enjoy this magnificent underwater art gallery!

Underwater statue office worker, poor guys is typing at his desk till the bitter end!

Underwater statue of an office worker at his desk

Statue before it is taken down to its underwater resting place

artwork underwater

Underwater lady statue surrounded by fish

Underwater Face sculpture

Statue of Women laying on the ocean floor

Underwater statues laying on the ocean floor

Underwater circle of children

Underwater children statues

underwater art faces

Underwater Mask art


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