Extremely Steep Parking

Now this is Extremely Steep parking if I have ever seen it. Think about how that thing would be in the winter accidents everywhere.. You have to wonder if the architects were just having a little fun, or were creating a work of art… on the other hand maybe its just an optical illusion 🙂 after all that is what this site is about! Any guess on how this was done? I’m not going to give it away to easily so let me know what you think. Also be sure to check out the Cafe Wall Illusion and the Leaning tower optical illusion.

This is an extremely steep parking lot! it would be deadly in the winter.


  • So, how was it done?

  • I’ve been here. Neither the street or the floors of the building are level. The road goes up away from the camera and the building goes up towards the camera. Pretty cool in person too, it’s called the sinking ship parking garage in Seattle WA. 🙂

  • Is this in Seattle Washington?

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