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Optical Illusion Photography by Li Wei

Optical Illusion Photography by Li Wei is some pretty incredible work. None of his Optical Illusion photos are computer edited or photoshoped! They are all done using mirrors cables and good old fashion acrobatics. Considering these are all real stunts it is fairly impressive work. Well on the falling theme also be sure to check out the 4 feet from death optical illusion. Any ideas how he pulled off these to shots?
Kicked Off a Building Optical Illusion

Head through a wall Optical Illusion

Park Bench Optical Illusion

The Park Bench Optical Illusion is a very cool photo taken by lynn fagerlie.  Funny enough lynn didn’t even realize the Illusion until she got home and uploaded them to her computer.  Hidden aspects are the best, it always fun to discover new things once the picture is developed or in this case uploaded to the computer.  The park bench illusion is a snap shot illusion but the illusion itself is all in the perspective.  If you take a look at the bench on the left can you tell which way its facing? is it away? or wait its coming at you… or is it!

Park Bench Optical Illusion

Gristede’s Planetarium Optical Illusion

Gristede’s Planetarium Optical Illusion is a photo taken by slice of New York grocery store.  Most grocery stores get truck loads of product to stock their shelfs, but this is not the case here.. at least not in this photo. If you take a close look at the windows of Gristedes, you will notice that they have started their own Planetarium. You can not get fresher then straight off the tree! then again this is an optical illusion site so maybe not.

Gristede has turned into a Planetarium

Light Graffiti Optical Illusions

Light Graffiti Optical Illusions are created using lights and long camera exposures. With these long exposures the camera holds the shutter open for a specified amount of time, mean while you can quickly draw objects with light, leaving an lasting impression of the light onto the film. Most of these light drawings are made using either glow sticks, leds, flashlights or laser pointers.  Camera exposure times can vary depending on the ambient surrounding light and the time needed to draw your creations. These illusions are fairly easy to make and are a pretty cool effect!  Pull out the digital and be creative, and dont forget to submit your masterpieces!

Flower Power Light Graffiti Optical Illusion

Monster like Creature Light Graffiti Optical Illusion

Music Light Graffiti Long Exposure Illusion

Pacman Light Drawing Optical Illusion

Stick man Light Graffiti Long Exposure Optical Illusion

Miniature Photography Optical Illusions

Miniature Photography Optical Illusions are actual pictures that appear to be miniatures.  This Effect or Optical Illusion is created by adjusting the focal points and taking pictures slightly out of focus.  Miniature Photography creates some very cool photos, with a bit of practice you to can be creating these masterpieces!  Also check out the Miniature city optical illusion for more of these great shots.

Miniature harbor Optical Illusion

Miniature park optical illusion

Head in the Sand Optical Illusions

The Head in the sand optical illusions are simple yet cleaver illusions. This first boy was beheaded, although he doesn’t look to sad about it. The second boy is not so content with his headless status but hes keeping it safe. If you ever get board at the beach, you now have a whole new effect to try and make your own illusions.. You just need to a find a friend to let you bury him in the sand 🙂

Beheaded boy

Head in the sand optical illusion

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