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20 Best Eye Catching Ads of 2007

To bring in the new Years we have put together the 20 Best Eye Catching Ads of 2007. There are tuns of cleaver ads, all that would most defiantly catch your eye! Enjoy some of the most Extreme and Eye catching Ads of 2007.

The first is one of my favorites, its not even an illusion, they actually mounted the Subarus upside down on the trailer! pretty crazy, I almost thought it was painted at first! Also be sure to check out many other Transportation ads including the actual painted trucks! The Second ad is for the new FedEx line of office products cleaver way to draw attention.

Subaru Upside Down trailer ad

Fedex whiteout cross walk ad

This one features a gun painted on the shopping bag, for ASPE.. looks pretty real in my opinion!

Aspen Gun Shopping Bag

Those BIC Permanent markers really last.. I bet that autograph has been there a while!

Bic Permanent Marker Ad

Watch out for those poles!

Car crash into pole accident

Chinese Japaneses gym ad

If this add dosnt make you want to quit smoking.. i don’t know what would!

Bus Exhaust No smoking ad

FMH boobs on mini

That glass is so clean the poor guy cant even see it! hee thats must be some amazing glass cleaner!
Fish Bowl Glass Cleaner Ad
subway barbell ad

Always Coca-Cola Ad

Martial arts cracked pavement ad

MR Clean crosswalk Sidewalk Ad

Nail Biter shopping bag

This one is a super cool one by National Geographic, defiantly an eye catcher.

National Geographic Shark Bus Ad

Talk about Try before you buy, its a good way to see how the new watch would look on you. Clever spot to place an ad.

Pilot Watch Subway Ad

Now this one defiantly fits into the Extreme Ad category. I love these illusions.

Soccer Ball through Building Ad

Tudo Sobre Black Music Ad

YKM Gym Shopping Bag

Golds Gym Elevator Door Illusion

Golds Gym is a huge chain wide gym, they are well known throughout Canada and the US. In fact i am a member there, but that’s beside the point. There new ad is an eye catching way to grab your attention. I mean hey, go work out there and you two will be able to rip open elevator doors! These types of advertisements are great for grabbing your attention. For some other great elevator related optical illusions be sure to check out the Six million dollar man, kill-bill advertisement, and the bottomless elevator.

Plumber Truck Illusion

Plumber Truck Illusion is a very creative way to grab attention to your business.  It not very often you see a plumber driving down the road sitting on a toilet! These types eye catching advertisements are very effective way to draw attention to your business. For some other creative ads check out the Painted Car Optical Illusions,  or the Painted Semi Illusions. Next time you are thinking of doing some advertising be sure to get creative and make sure it will leave a lasting impression.

Plummer Truck illusion

Plummer Truck illusion

Cold Eeze Multiple Meaning Ad

Cold Eeze Multiple Meaning Ad is one of those clever eye catching advertisements that make you stop to take a second look. Looking at an image one way only gives you one perspective. When you flip things around you may see a whole new perspective. To check out some similar ads see the Jesus Optical Illusion or some of the 20 best eye catching ads from 2007.

Cold Eeze Advertisemen

Cold Eeze Advertisemen

Cold Eeze Ad 2

Cold Eeze Ad 2

Cold Eeze Upside down ad

Cold Eeze Upside down ad

Creative Advertising – Street ads

Creative ads are everywhere these days, its almost a necessity to have eye catching advertisements in order to be seen these days.  Everywhere you look these days is an advertisement in one way or another. This street ad I found to be fairly clever. The statue underneath is being rebuilt, and these nice advertisers are flipping the bill! It no matter which way you look at the tarp around the statue the image appears to blend into its surroundings.  Just think if you can sell ads on a tarp while you chisel away a new statue you can sell ads anywhere!

Creative Advertisement

Advertisement blending into the surroundings

Distorted side view of the ad

Close up advertisement

Funding by…advertiser funding

Drowned Kid Optical Illusion

Drowned Kid Optical Illusion is an advertisement thats sends a the message of how important it is to watch your kids in the water. In a way its kind of a creepy advertisement with a very realistic look, I wouldn’t not doubt that a lot have people have jumped at the sight of it. I think the little baby in the picture is even a little disturbed. The moral of this story is to watch your kids around the water.  Scary Optical Illusions like this can be a bit creepy but defiantly make you stop to take a second look!

Scary Optical Illusion of a drowned kid send a shocking but true message.

Lifes to Short Optical Illusion 2

Life’s to Short Optical Illusion 2 is one of advertisements about how life is to short to stay in the wrong job.  Their advertisement campaign consisted of putting realistic stickers of people doing dirty jobs inside of common machines.  Some of their previous ads were the Gas Pump Optical Illusion and the life’s to short Optical Illusions which featured a man working inside of a banking machine and inside of a photo lab machine.  These Eye Catching Advertisements are very effective in grabbing out attention and portraying their message.

Woman working inside of a washing machine.. and you thought they were all mechanical!

Global Warming Optical Illusion

The Global Warming Advertisement Optical Illusion is one of those eye catching ads that you can not help but to stop to stare at.  The melted ice cream truck is an extreme example of the possible effects of global warming.  With global warming becoming more and more prevalent in our world, its something that defiantly an issue that needs to be looked at.  Going green is the new fad in stopping global warming and is essential in saving our planet. So I hope this poor ice cream truck helps send out the message!

Melted Ice Cream Truck Global Warming Advertisement

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