Jesus Satan Optical Illusion

The Jesus Satan Optical Illusion Is a cartoon drawing of Jesus and Satan all in the same cartoon. This Ironic little cartoon switch from good to evil as you flip him upside down. Right up up (left side) he is a cartoon image of Jesus, but once flipped around, his beard turns into his horns and his hat to his collar, its a creative little multiple meaning cartoon.

The moral of the story is never trust something at first glance, you never know the flip side it may have!

Jesus Satan Optical Illusion


  • man, come on. I know you’re just showing what you can come up with but thats a touchy illusion your presenting. It’s cool in how you can interpret it, however not cool in all of it’s implications. I like your style but this one is not christian like. I hope you show how creative you can really be with out insulting The Son of The living God. All the best…. Jacob p.s. oh yeah and commentor 771 calm down. It’s not that serious!

  • chill jacob it looks awsome

  • it’s cool, but yes, I am slightly offended.

  • seriously guys, get a grip on reality and lay of with the “i’m so offended bullshit”

  • If you didn’t believe bull**** you wouldn’t find it offensive. You would however notice that Satan’s face makes no sense.

  • The pupils of the eyes on the left become the nostrils on the right. The flares of the nose on the left then become the blank, white eyes on the right. The furrow of the brow becomes the mouth for both images. Took me a minute to see it.
    Nice pic.

  • Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!

  • that is a nice pic i agree it took me awhile to see it people are just so damn touchy if it offends you don’t look at it

  • scary shit right therre


  • joan of Arc1000000001

    Jesus was quite obvious, but I had to look for Satan… and when I found him…. man…sudenly, It was as clear a the other one… ja! cool effect.

  • I love how people who are of christian faith can bash satan in all his glory and yet anyone who presents an IMAGE is swiftly cut down.

  • Jesus is the opposite of Satan. What is so offensive about that? I don’t get it. How can that offended anyone?

  • Oh my God you guys are such idiots! Anyone who is offended by this picture needs to go out into society and do something productive instead of sitting at home getting mad because some artist drew a picture you didn’t like the possible implications of!

  • Jacob: No one has the right to Not be offended. Grow up man. Also, x-tans are the ones who made satan up as well as their false gods(the trinity. Satan is as much a fairy tail as god is.

  • who honestly cares about its implications

  • Warnig the English can be shitty

    Damn i hate religion. if there eveen existed a god i would take satanism in front of christianety.

    From Norway

  • This is really sinister and the implications are diabolical. Whoever made this, you really let the devil use you. Do you realize that you are basically saying that the Son of the living God Jesus and the devil are the same (different sides of the same coin–is the message your illusion depicts). This is part of what is wrong with the world now–trying to make evil good and good evil.

  • I’m offended by the attitudes of those offended by this since True Believers feel absolutely no shame when they offend constantly.

  • seriously jacob, it’s no big deal! i mean yeah, it could be offensive if you look at it like that but chill! its just an optical illusion for fun! dude, your turning into ned flanders. just take a chill pill, alrite? tut tut tut…. anyways cool image guys! but the satan is pretty hard to work out. Or maybe thats just me….. bye! x

  • Inverted images are nearly always opposing concepts. an image like this says that Jesus is the Inverse of Satan. nothing offensive.

  • its just an illusion for god sake just chillax!

  • metalysm satanicronic

    THIS FACTS, hope you are know now

  • I don’t know if its just me but I only see Jesus…I think is because the eyes of Jesus suppose to become the nose of Satan ,I think the nose holes should would look oval, not round…keep trying

  • Jesus.. Satan .. same? Hah hah Haaaa….

  • I didnt like the post for 2 reasons:
    1- Why did u put Jesus while the picture is not similar to any Jesus pictures
    2- You are hurting the hearts of some people every where for no good reason.

    By the way I am Muslim!

  • Cool optical illusion.

  • So what if you’re offended? What does that mean? It means your feelings are hurt over something you experienced and you want someone to be apologetic about it. Ya know what I say to that? Grow the fuck up.
    P.S. Trying to see implications or a hidden message in this is just stupid. Take it at face value and stop looking to get butt hurt.

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