Painted Truck Optical Illusion

The Painted Truck Optical Illusions are photoshops (as you can see its the same truck used in each picture) never the less its a cool illusion. These are european Semi Trucks have all be painted with a different theme/product. Would be neat to see one actually going down the road!

The first is a bottle of European beer coming out of the side of the truck.

Painted Truck Optical Illusion Semi Beer

The second is a large canvas tote bag! (the tote semi! lol)

Tote Bag Painted Semi

The pepsi truck is stacked to the top… well the top down.kinda a weird system of hanging them but hey the floors clean.

Painted Truck Pepsi Optical Illusion

This is one of my favorites, it would really be distracting going down the road! this guys driving backwards! thats insane! hopefully he dosn’t hit anything.. or anyone hit something else trying to figure out whats going on!

Painted doubble truck optical illusion

This Fish tank painted truck is one giant fish tank! you could transport a whale in there!

Painted Truck Fish Tank Optical Illusion

Big Truck with some Big Books, this is a library fit for a giant! This one i believe is an actual photo (different truck to!) I post it note is probably a advertisement for a company (cant read what ever language it is thoe) Cool truck illusion!.

Painted Truck Books shelve Optical Illusion

This last one is a Painted Pringle’s Truck. The whole truck appears to be burned up from those spicy chips! pretty cool effect

Painted Truck pringle Optical Illusion


  • I loveeeeeeeee this one

  • hello
    I like those painted trucks!
    especially the fish truck and the doublefaced truck.
    my daughter wants to paint my car, I will show these to her.
    the note on the book truck is written in German,
    it means something like: go ahead in marketing!
    academy call: 064-704045(or 069-704095?)
    greetings, dona

  • While this is an interesting set of images, it is obviously fake. The shadows under all of the trucks are exactly the same. As are the backgrounds, which look to have only been altered in post.

  • They are photoshopped. Notice the backgrounds.

  • Yes, these are all fake, but they could be recreated for real, with one exception, the bottle would only appear to look correct from this angle. Once you moved a little the bottle would become distorted. The reason, all the others show two sides of an object whereas the bottle shows the same side of the bottle.

  • So does the Pringle Truck but its not so obvious, couldn’t even tell what it was the first time I looked at it.

  • these are the best thing on the site.

    I can’t understand how they do it!

  • I agree. These images are absolutely Photo shopped.However, I do not see how the shadows underneath the trucks being exactly the same, has any relevance to the images being edited, WHATSOEVER. But the backgrounds do make a difference. In reality, there is only one truck. The images on the truck are obviously intended to draw away from the backgrounds. This is because, in each picture, except for the Pringle one, the backgrounds are exactly the same. In the pictures with no “castle tower”, the Tower is cut of from the picture. In the Pringle Truck image, the entire image was lain over with a gray tint.Next, the entire image was ‘smudged’. Also, some of the images were covered with a light white, probably at an opacity of 40-60%, just to add a little variety. The background editing could be done by anybody who had basic Photoshop instruction. The images on the trucks, however, were professionally done. This indicates trucks were meant to draw attention away from all of the errors made in the background. Also, an error of this site, was putting all of them on one page. This allows for comparison between pictures. In short, these photos were meant to be entertaining and convincing when glanced at quickly. I do enjoy these photos, especially the one with the two sided truck.

  • These are photoshopped for lack of the correct term. they were made up for a German contest. only the Pepsi and Pringles ever made it onto a real truck, but they are more works of art

  • Hi, i only wanted to tell, that on the image with the books, the language is german, and it’s “written down” there the following: Advance in marketing! Call the academy! Nr: …


  • i love the beer bottle and the spicy chips that’s cool


    NOTE: Of course it is photoshopped. It says that at the TOP OF THE PAGE!!! “The Painted Truck Optical Illusions are photoshops ” It is an optical illusion, it is NOT being passed off as REAL> Read first, make comments later……….

  • omg i LOVE these trucks! i wish i could’ve seen 1!

  • yeh theyr all in the same place at the top btw no one notice that ??

  • the backrounds are all the same by the way oilers rock ya leb for life

  • really really cooly-o

  • omg that is so totally awsome

  • photoshop..i like the third 🙂

  • its cool! the bookshelf & pepsi thing looks cool. at first,I thought they were real.

  • its really very nice nice jud sya!!!

  • Paddy O'Furniture

    These images may have been photoshopped, but I have seen actual trucks with similar 3D-effect paint jobs. A few have made deliveries in our neighborhood (Maine, USA), and they attract a lot of attention. Very effective advertising tactic for the companies… an investment, and rolling art.

  • Yo, these look so cool! I want to see one myself!


  • wow those are awesome!! I really want one right now!:):):)!

  • those I want one when im older I will get one!:)**########

  • i like thissssssss

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