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14 Perfect Shot Photography Illusions

14 Perfect Shot Photography Illusions is a collections of some of the most creative shots on the internet, some photographs were planned while others were just the right spot at the right time. Manny of these make great optical illusions, or at least get a second take. In this photography optical illusion gallery timing is everything! Enjoy this spectacular gallery, and be sure to keep on submitting!

Talk about stretch armstrong, that soccer player has to have the worlds longest arm.

Everybody Legs up! now this is kinda of a crazy coincident, even the dogs are joining in!

Headless ice figure skater, just the right angle to catch this show, the poor girl is headless.

Headless man and statue, now this is one is a another crazy coincident, not just that the man is headless in those but the statue is as well!

Headless Mirror Man, kind of a neat shot,the mirror is a nice touch to make it looks like both hands are out there.

Now we have all seen the commercials of the lamp heads, this is proof they do exist!

That is one tall man, this is a perfectly light up reflection of the bottom half of another man at just the right second to line the two up.

Awe such a pretty picture, they got the perfect shot of her in that magazine!

This man is Kicking over the leaning tower of pizza!

Sniper cat, this is one cat you don
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All Is Vanity Skull Mirror Illusion

The All is Vanity Skull Mirror illusion was originally created by Charles Allen Gilbert. The first image below is advertisement based on the original (second image below). The add was created by David Bertman in Perris. This Vanity illusion was a collaborative effort by his team at CLM/BBDO. It took the perfect angle to get this shot right an inch to the left or right would ruin the mood of the illusion. The award winning image titled POISON beacame the perfect ad for “Dior Poison”.

Dior Poison Skull Mirror Scary Optical Illusion

The All is Vanity by harles Allen Gilbert

Cow Optical Illusion

Cow Optical Illusion was a photo taken by accident by unintelligiBill. Have you ever seen such a strange cow? It changes colors mid body, its almost like a Frankenstein cow! If you pay close attention the the front legs you will notice theres is a few to many, so hey this could be Frankensteins special! But on the other hand maybe untilelligiBill just accidentally took an amazing photograph of this cow girl at just the right angle!

Cow Optical Illusion