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Images in the clouds

Ever stared up in to the sky and watched the clouds? If you look hard enough you can find a shape or some sort of image in almost any cloud, with these clouds below there are some very distinct pictures that make up these amazing cloud optical illusions. Cumulus clouds being the thicker chunkier clouds make up the majority of the shapes we see in the sky. If you have never seen Mammatus Clouds be sure to check them out, they really are a site to see! So check out some of these amazing cloud formations below and be sure to submit any amazing clouds photos you may have captured.

Cloud Angel glowing in the night sky

Giant Duck Cloud flying through the sky

Cloud Fish with a fiery sun for a glowing eye

Cloud horse charging through the clouds above

Cloud Dragon blowing out a rainbow as his fire

Rabbit in the wood Illusion

Rabbit in the wood Illusion is an amazing photo. You don’t have to look to hard to see the optical Illusion here.  The only real question here is this an amazing coincident or was there some photoshopping behind this. Its hard to tell cause of the lower quality of the image. If this is the work of mother nature then i give her props, because thats a pretty realistic looking wooden rabbit! What do you think.. Real or enhanced 🙂

Cute little rabbit standing in front of his wooden self portrait.

Wolf in the Cat’s Shadow

The Wolf in the Cat’s Shadow is a pretty cool shot. I have sat here for the last 20 minuets going back and forth at the cats position and its shadow trying to determine if this is a true shadow or if it was manipulated in phootoshop. IT could be close either way, the lines are fairly defined which points to photoshop. On the other hand this could just be one of those amazing shots! Either way its a pretty cool image. How do you think the wolf shadow was cast? By the little kitty or its crafty photographer?

Wolf in the cats shadow

Stairway Optical Illusion

Stairway Optical Illusions is a pretty cool picture taken at High Point in New Jersey.  When you look at the stair way is it going up or down? The angle of the railing kind of makes it look like its going up, but is it? or is that just part of the optical illusion!  Stairway to nowhere is another one of these crazy stair case pictures, but not quite as strange as The House that Swift Built. So what do you think where the heck are you going to end up on this stair case?

Up or down the stair case?

Harrison Sand Castle Competition

Harrison Sand Castle Competition is a extreme sand castle competition held every year at Harrison Hot springs in British Columbia. I know this isn’t really an optical illusion but I just got back from a Dragon Boating festival there and they had these spectacular sand sculptures. I could not help but to post them 🙂 I was wondering how heck they get these things to stay and not crumble away, but according to one of the guys at the entrance its just sand and water that has been tampered down and compacted. Has anyone ever been to Harrison and seen these extreme sand sculptures in person? They really are an amazing sight!

Extreme Pirate Sand Sculpture

Sweet Dreams - Monsters under the bed and in the Closet Sand Sculpture

Talking Walls Sand Sculpture

Alice in Wonderland Sand Sculpture

Extreme Casteles

Shadow Faces Optical Illusion

Shadow Faces Optical Illusion is more of a contemporary art kind of illusion.  From a distance you would just see funny little squares of paper up on the wall, but when a light is cast on to them they reveal some very distinct shadows of human faces.   Its amazing what you can create with a little ingenuity, I have no clue who the artists is of this cool optical illusion so be sure to post it if you know! Another similar more extreme version is the trash shadow optical illusion, it is very detailed shadows, be sure to check it out!

Shadow faces optical illusion

Extreme Leaning Optical Illusion

Extreme Leaning Optical Illusion from the lens of Steve Chabot. These kind of Snapshot Illusions can be pretty tricky to solve.  My initial theory was that the picture was just taken an an angle, but if you look at the vegetation it appears to be growing straight up as the shot was taken.  If the hill was slanted then the trees and plants would be leaning in the same direction as him. So what do you think, just  a slanted camera or is there more to this snapshot Illusion?

Some very Extreme Leaning!

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