Miniature City Optical Illusion

This is a very cool camera effect. The pictures below appear to be a city built of miniatures or replica models. In fact they are all real pictures of the actual places. The first one is the Roman Colosseum, the second is the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, followed by a Soccer filed, , Colosseum, tanker boat, and a shot of Hover Dam. This Effect is done by using a tilt-frame camera, this normally allows wide angle views to be captured in normal perspective; when used incorrectly it creates this miniature optical illusion. We see this a miniatures due to the fact of how the eye focus on close up items, the camera gives the same effect as the eye would perceive if the images were close ups. These amazing photos were taken by Olivo Barbieri.

Rome Colosseum Illusion

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas Optical Illusion

Tiny tanker boar optical illusion

Miniature skyscraper optical illusion
Miniature Highway Illusion

Miniature Colosseum
Miniature Soccer Filed Optical Illusion

Rome Aqueducts Illusion


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