Light Graffiti Optical Illusions

Light Graffiti Optical Illusions are created using lights and long camera exposures. With these long exposures the camera holds the shutter open for a specified amount of time, mean while you can quickly draw objects with light, leaving an lasting impression of the light onto the film. Most of these light drawings are made using either glow sticks, leds, flashlights or laser pointers.  Camera exposure times can vary depending on the ambient surrounding light and the time needed to draw your creations. These illusions are fairly easy to make and are a pretty cool effect!  Pull out the digital and be creative, and dont forget to submit your masterpieces!

Flower Power Light Graffiti Optical Illusion

Monster like Creature Light Graffiti Optical Illusion

Music Light Graffiti Long Exposure Illusion

Pacman Light Drawing Optical Illusion

Stick man Light Graffiti Long Exposure Optical Illusion


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