3D Painted Face

3D Painted Face is a pretty cool optical illusion created by P. Broomfield. Broomfield is an optical illusion lover who wanted to make one of his own. This glowing 3D face was painted using uv paint and black lights to give it that pop out look. The 3D face was painted in the corner of the room using contrasting colors, this is what gives it the 3d effect when viewed straight on. This effect is simillar to the 3D Gorilla illusion but was probally done using light or a projector to post the skewed image onto the wall to guide the painting much like the 3D painted rooms.

3D Painted Light Face

3D Painted Light Face

3D light face

3D light face

3D Painted Face

3D Painted Face

Cold Eeze Multiple Meaning Ad

Cold Eeze Multiple Meaning Ad is one of those clever eye catching advertisements that make you stop to take a second look. Looking at an image one way only gives you one perspective. When you flip things around you may see a whole new perspective. To check out some similar ads see the Jesus Optical Illusion or some of the 20 best eye catching ads from 2007.

Cold Eeze Advertisemen

Cold Eeze Advertisemen

Cold Eeze Ad 2

Cold Eeze Ad 2

Cold Eeze Upside down ad

Cold Eeze Upside down ad

Painted Building Mural Illusion

Need a new way to brighten up the neighborhood? Just around the side of this building is a bright and color full mural of the building its its neighbors.  Such murals are a good way to brighten up dark  alleys or make over an old graffiti wall.  Another cool similar idea is of a building in Paris that was fitted with warped molding and painted as if it was a melting building.  And of course theirs always the Quebec city mural.


 Painted Building Mural Illusion

In or Out

The In or Out Optical Illusion is a pretty cool picture, as you stare at this column look carefully at the top.  Does it appear to be a hollow shaft going down the length of the column? Do you see a small pyramid above the column? It all in the  lighting my friends. This awesome shot was taken by Prashanth Mahagaonkar. So what do you think In or out?

So what do you think is it going in or out?

Illusion Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner I figured i would post some pretty Cool Illusion Costumes that I have found. These costumes would be a hit at any party! These are some pretty clever costume designs, they arnt cheap either! But im sure with a little creativity you could build your own for a fairly low cost. hopefully this post will inspire some of you to come up with your own crazy scary Halloween costumes, and if you do be sure to send them in!

Frankenstein and severed head illusion costumes

Gorilla with man in cage and Rabbit costumes

Barbie Doll box costume and Cesar Statue costume

Julian beavers new Chalk Drawings

Julian beavers is  a famous 3d Street chalk artist. His work is known around the world and has been featured many times on this site in Julian Beavers Latest Chalk Drawings, or a video on beaver in action. Below are some of the newer drawings from Julian Beaver. The first one is a 3D Band that appears to pop right out at you. I like how his drawings always depict an alternate city below, it adds to the illusion!

3D Chalk Band

Julian Beaver Chalk Drawing

Beaver’s Fountain of youth

The City below 3d street drawing

3d Christmas Santa by Julian Beaver

Body Paint

Body paint can be a pretty cool thing, when you were a kid im sure you got your face painted. But have you ever had your full body painted? You might not even need to bother with clothes anymore, with some of the body art below you almost wouldn’t even know they were naked! You may also like the Body paint Bikinis and Lingerie or some of the other body paint clothing.  The rolling stones body paint below is pretty cool, i love the wet wrinkeled shirt look. Another favorite is the astrological body paint, check out your sign! If you ever decide to strip down and get a new paint job be sure to send it in 🙂

Rolling Stones Body Paint

France China Soccer Body Paint

Music Cowgirl body paint

Soccer Body Paint

World Cup Soccer Body Paint

World Cup Soccer Body Paint 2

Bus Advertisements

Bus’s make great canvases for large scale Advertisements.  Below is a collection of some of the most creative advertisements I have seen in terms of bus art! If you like these vehicle stickers you may also want to check out smacked into a bus, this creative dog food bus ad. Some of these ads are brilliant others are like a train wreck, you cant help but to stare.. which is exactly what makes it an effective yet amazing advertisement.

Car smashed into the side of a bus

Accordion Bus Music Advertisement

Broken trailer hitch, insurance bus advertisement.

Even Apeldoorn broken Bus Advertisement

Wheel Eyes Bus Ad

Bodies painted on the side of a bus

Madonna Mosaic

The Madonna Mosaics were recently submitted by one of our viewers. The first Madonna mosaic is made up of a large number of vanity flair magazine covers. The second is a large image of Madonna made up of many smaller pictures of Madonna!  Also check out the Bush Mosaic. There are may programs out there that will create mosaics like these simply by inputting a bunch of pictures, if you have created any of your own be sure to send them in.

Madonna Mosaic made out of Flare magazine covers

Madonna Mosaic made up of pictures of Madonna.

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